1. When people join a queue, then leave their trolley/basket in the queue while they fuck off and get more shopping. Like no, that’s not how it works. Join the queue to pay when you are DONE shopping. Entitled assholes.

  2. Cold. I have 2 small oil radiators in my home which make the house barely warm, and my smart meter is showing approx £60 a week in use. I can’t afford this on top of other bills. Being cold constantly is getting me down

  3. I turn 30 in 2 weeks, thanks to everyone in here for ruining the rest of my life.

  4. Just turned this milestone myself, it’s interesting to see everyones thoughts on this chapter of life

  5. Goldenballs. Trying to be a human lie detector at SPLIT or STEAL and read body language was always fun

  6. Pringles lids fit over the top of them, so you can use it still for fresh snacks :)

  7. Thanks so much guys. I am apprehensive about telling them what I’ve been doing though, I heard if you ‘mess around’ with mental health pills you can be blacklisted for future pharmaceutical treatments?

  8. More than a reduction! She needs to get this sorted yesterday. Speak with Shelter, this isn’t ok.

  9. Yeah she did in fairness have someone come fix the leak when I first mentioned it to her so that has been sorted. What she didn’t do was pay the guy like she told me she had, and I had the plumber chasing me for payment afterwards

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