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  1. Realistic Roads and many similar visual mods were made before the big graphics update so mods like that used to be basically mandatory. These days its more a personal preference thing.

  2. Is that the update that removed those roads with all-yellow road markings?

  3. And also were thinking about raising the voting age. Imagine being old enough to work and get married but not be old enough to vote, sounds dumb... and unamerican

  4. At 17, you can join the military-industrial complex and legally murder people abroad at the behest of multi-national oil companies... but you can't vote because it's thought that you're yet not old enough to make rational decisions.

  5. And by virtue of the incarceration rate, the US is number one in state-owned slaves!

  6. One guy posted and looked like a Walrus. They are not embarrassed and that is why they are where they are in life.

  7. I’m not even sure how these guys deliver while they’re high. I would just smoke when I get home to relax

  8. No bonus. I hit some OT every check but not a lot. No 6 day weeks or anything.

  9. You must get OT after 40hrs then. Personally, I don't get OT until after 48, as per provincial law

  10. Guessing your out of the U.S? Like 99% of jobs here save for contracting and salary pay jobs get OT after 40 hrs

  11. Nah, I'm in Nova Scotia. We just have shitty labor laws

  12. This is nuts. I do this all the time for the same reasons. I can't imagine my DSP ever having an issue w it and if they did and I explained the reason it'd get escalated over to the Amazon side rather than blame/threaten me. You were working for a shitty company be glad to be moving on dude.

  13. Yeah reading shit like this makes me realize I work for one of the better DSPs, luckily

  14. Canada, eh? Looks like a really chill route. Mildly rural but the roads are paved and a good density of houses.

  15. It is a really chill route tbh, I love it. Wealthy rural area, mostly paved with some single lane graval roads and such to keep things interesting

  16. As an Amazon delivery driver, I approve

  17. 7/10, mainly because of the smooth curves and joints.

  18. The elevation of the interchange wouldn't allow for the configuration marked in red, it is a 3-stack after all.

  19. Love when they sneak a stop in there like 140 just to drive the nail in when you think you're almost done

  20. I'm paid hourly so I actually like these lol

  21. That's not obstruction of a roadway.. It's not in the roadway it's on grass / property. You have a point... What sucks about delivering for Amazon is yall don't get your own route so yall don't get used to the surroundings of your own route or area which sucks. I do agree it is kinda hard to see them in the dark.

  22. I don't know about other DSPs but I do luckily have a consistent route. But even if it's sitting on their property it's still sticking out into the roadway which is definitionally obstructing it. I know it's normalized to have them set up as such but there is no legal exemption for basketball nets so when they get hit it is the property owner's fault. This isn't a matter of whether or not you think it's correct to have the property owners ticketed, it's just the law.

  23. If I was driving / delivering... And would be parking.. I would park the one foot in front or behind of it. It's not that hard to do it. It certainly isn't that hard to drive around it and not hit. I get it but no one is going to call the cops on a kid basketball hoop not even being in the street.

  24. Come on man, sometimes there's no room due to other driveways and cars parked in the street so you have no choice but to pull alongside it. This is especially true in areas with more duplexes and townhomes.

  25. Hey man, better safe than sorry

  26. Acc as in account, not app.

  27. Trust me I did. Reddit is a last resort

  28. I’ll be waiting for it goofy. No way you are topping this photo 💁🥱

  29. I think I have you beat xD

  30. I literally never throw packages and now I'm beginning to feel as though I'm the weird one 🤣

  31. It’s nearly $15/hr. It’s a fine entry level starting wage for workers just starting out their careers.

  32. did you look up and see how many people died at work in the country that day?

  33. I'm for fewer billionaires on an ecological basis. Also a moral one

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