Brexit is costing the UK economy £100 billion a year

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  1. Now I understand my grandma "in my day all the kids just ran around outside without adult supervision and we were fine. Kids these days should do that more". Well now I see there was like 20 cars on the roads and the streets are empty.

  2. My mum (81) tells stories of playing in the road with her friends and everyone complaining when they had to stop because a car had come along....in Elephant & Castle

  3. Hahaha I was beginning to question my sanity when it first started melting

  4. Zeppelin ended up having to pay this guy and add a song writing credit for him due to how much of this track ended up in The Lemon Song

  5. Ozzy doesn't need to tour anymore. He's too damn old and frail. I'd rather him just do studio work and maybe a show here and there. Festivals and whatnot. We don't need him dying on us. I mean he will eventually. That's gonna be a rough day

  6. Imagine the same happening at the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington National Cemetery

  7. I don’t understand why people with right wing views can’t just let people be who they want to be.

  8. Also that buildings can be remodeled. Swap out one roof for another, and you might never know.

  9. Not sure why you're getting downvotes, the Bengal famine happened during WW2. From the wiki;

  10. Mother fucker, i asked a question. If you dont answer with the next reply i will continue my day thinking im right, with a big happy grin on my face, how about that. Its been what, half an hour, and you havent answered the fucking question.

  11. And here we are, the final hurdle. The closing number. The bows at the end of the performance. How poetic.

  12. You're suggesting that neither the successive UK governments, nor the EU, not even the opponents of Brexit thought of this 'obvious solution' over the space of ten years....really?

  13. Absolutely fucking terrible music. This man could care less about making good music anymore, commercial CRAP

  14. I really like it, most of the album is pretty good too - and it's made me discover some of his other recent albums as well.....it also went to number 1 in the UK and US, illustrating that a lot of people don't appear to agree with your hot take.

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