1. Damn look at those legs. Fuck winter it's short season with those. Good work.

  2. You look excellent man!! Please tell me you won?

  3. You are basically perfect goal physique of 99.8% men. Huge respect, keep it going.

  4. Your overall insertion are crazy good. Thanks your Dad & Mom for me, pretty good genetics. Love the quad and your waist + abs look !

  5. Great job. I competed in OCB on Saturday as well, took the overall in classic physique.

  6. Congrats to both of you! Keep it up!

  7. Thanks man, and I’m not sure what my upper arm measurements but my waist is around 28inches right now, maybe less

  8. Great separation between the quads. And your back is wide af, like a darn manta ray or something. Overall, I'm impressed. You look like a more jacked version of Falcon from the MCU. I think the only constructive criticism would be that you should work on your vacuum pose more. What division are you competing within?

  9. I placed second in novice, second in open. Competing again on the 27th, looking for 1st place this time.

  10. Asking as an newbie is this really natty obtainable ? Or is this a another I’m a natural and it’s a natural show case.

  11. I would say genetics play a huge role in the overall insertions and structure. But your own genetics are going to determine how big and lean you can possibly get as a natural.

  12. No way in hell you’re 5’11” you look way too big. I’m 5”11’ 180 and you look at least 20 more lbs than me

  13. It’s probably my body composition. I feel like once you get leaner, you look way more defined and packed with muscle. At 206 I was pretty big but I looked more bloated than anything.

  14. I suspect your trust has more to do with her front butt, and less to do with her ability to lift 3x her weight.

  15. Good luck, great physique. Probably will place high depending on what show it is.

  16. How tall is breon, because he’s listed at 5’7 but he looks 5’5

  17. He’s probably 5’7 then, because these guys are 6’0 and 6’1 so they’ll dwarf him.

  18. He’s been on my radar since his nicks strength and power video. He’s extremely gifted genetically. He has the height, he just needs the arms and size to match. Once he fills in, he’s going to become a very good contender for 1st place.

  19. do you have a riced out picture? my car gets more and more parts and i wonder about returning to stock to sell and try a new project

  20. I do, I’m also a noob to Reddit so I don’t know if I’d have to send you a message or make another post to show them.

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