1. If you're in New England there's a very good chance that there are some rebates for updating the insulation in your house (under energy saving incentives); call your electric company and have them send someone out to do an energy audit, or whatever they call it.

  2. I think, like a few others, I was never really the biggest fan of Wes... Just wasn't a massive fan of a child genius on the Enterprise-D outsmarting a walking Google machine and one of the best engineers Starfleet has to offer.

  3. I was always a fan of Wesley, but I was a kid when the show came out.

  4. Honestly to me it sounds like your plan is actionable, but you need to position it as a win. Can you quantify how much double work is being done by people using out of date sheets? Would having a a change log help reduce that? Is the file on share point or is a new file being emailed around every time?

  5. Since the resistance is "too much work for those updating the file" why don't you offer to take on maintaining the change log? It could be the first sheet on the file, and you could use the teams notes to know when to make updates.

  6. I saw that and it doesn't really work or answer the question.

  7. It does. The article explains that what you're seeing is a rounding error, and explains how to resolve that issue.

  8. Are you using a touchpad on your laptop? It could be that you're accidentally trigger the navigation shortcuts between windows or apps.

  9. What the chat bot said is good advice, but it's asking you to create "helper columns"

  10. Hi elleasea, thanks, but don’t want to use helper column, I wanted to figure if there’s a way will do it automatically by just writing a value in same cell and the cell result will be combined automatically without using a helper column.

  11. If you want to only type "146" then you need a helper column.

  12. You can remove and re-create (Cntl+shift+L iirc) your filters, which will give you the refreshed range, or you can convert the range to a table (Ctrl+t) which will always keep the range updated.

  13. The final input in the Lookup formula is the option: exact match v approximate match. other formulas will have more options than just two, and they are usually numbered with 0 as the default and then counting up. In Vlookip the default is "exact match".

  14. It might be the hair color. I think it's making the sim look a bit washed out. Maybe trying adding a different undertone to the hair and see if you like it more

  15. The easiest thing is just to, while knitting, look at your work and ensure you're doing a purl if the below stitch is a knit, or a knit if the below stitch is a purl. I think worrying about even/odd is probably just a distraction or confusing factor in this case.

  16. This comment is the real hero. It's great to have the right stitch count and flow the pattern exactly, but it is really valuable to be able to "read" your knitting. Your identity mistakes SO much faster.

  17. From a completely business point of view it is in the LYS' benefit to push natural fiber yarns (which tend to be more expensive). So always keep that in mind.

  18. Well played! Thank you for doing the work.

  19. what's the point of top surgery scars if they're only for the masculine frame???? Also same I wish we could layer things like shirts and jackets then there could be like an open shirt plus a binder, I just think that'd add more customization options

  20. Breast cancer scars look very similar, except no nipples.. but if you could move the scar up it would probably work.

  21. Maybe you can share your observations in a super non- judgemental way with a suggestion about providing a second mid-day booster meal. Even very health conscious people are pretty open to whole grains and lean proteins like beans and tuna. Black beans and rice or quinoa are super fast to make and can be delicious with a good seasoning mixed in. Tuna wraps might be another option. You can couch it in that it seems like they might be getting ready for a growth spurt, or maybe because they are so energetic, but that they seem hungry around 3 (or whatever time) so would they like you to prepare a mid-day mini meal for them. That gives them a lot of agency around the decision and feels really collaborative.

  22. search youtube for "audio yoga", you will find videos where someone guides you through yoga poses with their voice. you can set the phone down somewhere where your child can't reach and you can't see the screen while you do the class

  23. Ooh good idea! I have always wanted to do yoga with my daughter, but if I turn on the TV to a yoga program* it's all "no! Winnie the Pooh!"

  24. I just did this with a seed mix I got from earthscience! Here's how you can determine if you should sow: Go on your state extension site to find native plant and invasive lists. Then compare each plant in your seed mix and find out if any are invasive or have a negative impact on your states wildlife.

  25. I support this comment. While native is always top choice. I'd still prefer non-invasive non-natives than grass.

  26. That sounds really stressful! Has the staff given you any suggestions on helping him transition?

  27. Everyone is outraged at how you can't make rent, but you should know your problem is not unique (in the US). A lot of people are being priced out of their areas. The insane, hyper-inflated housing market (in which large corps are buying up all the housing to turn into rental properties), the out of control inflation on consumer goods, and totally stagnant wages are putting a lot of people in your shoes.

  28. My bub has an audiobook player thing (Yoto) and they have the whole pout pout fish series which is as thinking of getting - what's so terrible about it and will I end up having to hide them if I get them?

  29. What I don't like about Pout Pout fish is that everyone is telling the fish to change himself to be accepted. Then at the end some manic pixie dream girl comes and changes him, and he's happy.

  30. Congrats on your call back. Don't dwell on it because: Excel is easy to learn, and most people want someone who is willing to learn. If they ask you specific uses in the recent past you can be honest and say that you didn't need to use it in your most recent position, so you might be rusty and mention that you're either (chose one that's true) a quick study, love a challenge, or have been recently re-familiarizing yourself on your own time.

  31. More a demonstration of a monopoly forming via capitalistic forces. The supply and demand of the eggs never changed.

  32. Should have formed a co-op and charge 300 a tray to begin with

  33. My husband is circumcised and our son is not. My husband was on board with circumcision at first because it is all her knows but the further we read into it the more he was okay with us not doing it. I am from a culture that does not routinely circumcise babies. This is a situation that requires two yeses. It is changing your child's body.

  34. I think that you need to take this stance that you must be in agreement. The onus is on him to provide compelling evidence to you, as well as the other way around. It's not fair that he or you get to have a hard line with no effort.

  35. I understand but I am quite psychotic about safety. I use the washer, then glue the washer to the stem. Trim the extra. Put stuffing around the backing and cover the whole eye area with a knitted square sewn.

  36. Will you post a pic when you're done? I'd love to see the finished eye with the square and everything!

  37. My guess is this is what it looks like finished. I know the post says they're not aligned, but that probably it, right? Looks done to me, but I won't feel offended if I am corrected. If it gets cuter that's just bonkers

  38. Oh, maybe you're right and the sewn square goes inside the hat.

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