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  1. All the videos that she's deleted, are they still on yewtube?

  2. Cara... isso é a maior lenda baseado no achismo. Cadê os estudos duplo cegos publicados? Até deu uma pesquisada rápida aqui e é "Camera de comercia fala que horário de verão". Mas é sempre pq o tiozão da Camera de comercia acha isso. Não tem dado científico algum.

  3. Shut the fuck up you stupid Bitch! No-one ever disrespected MB or talk badly about her, do we need to shout it out any longer? We are all concerned for the well being of MB, and the sheer abuse you clowns put her through, she’s a baby whose immune system is fragile, yet you constantly take her out for food in crowded restaurants. Use her as a prop on a daily basis, don’t strap her in the stroller or car seat, put her fragile body into a fucking pumpkin, don’t support her neck, pull her up by her head, the fucking list goes on and on. Yet we’re the ones who are the problem? Fuck right off!

  4. Also she lied that we make fun of her birthmark. Like, EXCUSE US?! You're the one who photoshops her birthmark away when you post pictures of her! The NERVE of this bitch.

  5. Cara, se o Brasil de Bolsonaro virar uma Venezuela... Ainda assim acho que muito gado não iria engolir o orgulho e admitir o erro.

  6. Nunca. Eles iriam racionalizar de alguma forma. Diriam que são fatores além do seu alcance, e que se não fosse por ele, a situação estaria ainda pior, etc.

  7. I mean what's a little mutilation when war is on the horizon anyways?

  8. He's not a teenager, he's supposed to be twenty years old.

  9. And if you or anyone you love needs an organ or they'll die, but everyone says "nah I feel uneasy"? Hope you don't mind that.

  10. Seems simply like a leave it command though because he’s looking away like he’s not supposed to interact with it yet. Whenever any dog I’ve had or seen doesn’t like the food they just won’t eat it. They’ll sniff it and walk away and look up at you ready for you to get the real food like “okay so that’s there but where’s my dinner?”

  11. Exactly. His demeanor is a hundred percent "I'm not allowed to".

  12. You don’t have to clean up leaves at all, their isn’t a difference between leaves as confetti and just regular leaves on the ground. Them being biodegradable and natural is the point here, it’s safe for the environment and you don’t have to do any type of clean up afterwards. It’s more wasteful to use plastic to try and pick up after leaves.

  13. Not every celebration is outdoors. If it's indoors, you still gotta clean it.

  14. Especially Berlin. Berliner Schnauze my ass. People are just rude.

  15. Imagine all the things that might be going on over there.

  16. My experience exactly. My wife asked me to do it like 5 years ago and we recently finally did and she fell off the fucking bed.

  17. Agreed, also because I bought the book of short stories by Ted Chiang it was based on. He is now in my top 5 favorite authors.

  18. I'm reading it now! Read Exhalation in the past and was simply mind-blown. Now started Stories of your Life and loving it. I recommend it to everyone.

  19. The rape and school shooting scenes were brutal, one right after the other. Total tragedy porn. The middle is definitely where I can see people needing to take a breather.

  20. I think it's very inconsiderate to call it tragedy porn. It was an eerily realistic depiction of a gang rape done by highschool boys. It did a master's job at showing the character feeling utterly confused about what's happening, slowly realizing that she's in the middle of a nightmare which will be her life from now on. The absolute lack of empathy and decency of the boys and being shocked by it, in sheer disbelief of this reality. Yeah, it was a tragedy, of course it was. It was in no way tragedy porn.

  21. I didn't say you called the rape porn. Please read my comment more carefully as well. Yes, it was a series of events. Trauma like that does happen in a domino effect. It's never just the rape. It's the reaction of the loved ones, in many cases of the authorities, of the perpetrators etc. The movie depicted that in a accurate, gut wrenching way. That still does not make it tragedy porn.

  22. So how the fuck did it end up with Littlefinger?

  23. Perhaps this is the medicalization of emotion that is happening in some places. It’s perfectly common to be sad, lonely, alienated, worried, and lost without being mentally ill.

  24. What made the most sense to me was what my therapist said about the thing which differentiates all things you mentioned from "actual disorders" is: are those things that you're feeling making it impossible for you to live a healthy life? If yes, than that's what makes it a disorder.

  25. The how is easy. The organism is surrounded by cilia -- hairlike attachments that it can move in concert to locomote. The cilia is not visible in this video. It's out of focus due to the very shallow depth of field at this high magnification. The out of focus cilia appear as the brigher halo around the organism in this video.

  26. Where did you get this from? Like, inside what does it live?

  27. It was officially recognized as a word by Merriam-Webster in 2020...because so many people use it, for some reason, instead of "regardless".

  28. Regarding "for some reason", it's because ppl are mashing together "regardless" with "irrespective".

  29. There's a brand called Geek and Gorgeous with amazing prices based out of Hungary I believe, for the US, to get reasonable/free shipping you need to buy like $50 worth of product. But in the EU I'd imagine that brand is similar to the ordinary, but tenfold better, priced similarly and shipping will be easier in the EU. They do an amazing vit c serum! Also you should absolutely try their Apad serum (azelaic acid), their jelly joker cleanser is also a favorite!

  30. I have been looking for brands here in Scandinavia. Is the C-Glow one the product you like?

  31. C-glow is amazing. I also buy the hyaluronic acid "rich".

  32. The problem is, you can never be sure if they’re only doing “the thing” in order to gain “passionate and authentic” status.

  33. I mean, what about just genuine curiosity? I can imagine physicists continuing to investigate the cosmos out of mere fascination and curiosity towards figuring shit out. And people would collaborate as a means to accomplish more. I wanna know what happened before the Big Bang as much as the next person, out of sheer curiosity. And it actually pains me that I will die without ever finding out. Is that related to status?

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