Atheists, what do you believe in? [Serious]

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  1. Looks like you scrapped your forearm on something in just the right way that it resembles the number two.

  2. When I noticed it, it was a little scratched with some dead skin which I removed, but I'd like to know HOW I managed to scratch it in that exact perfect 2 shape

  3. HOW does anyone manage to scratch themselves in any way, shape, or form? You know as well as anybody that it's just a coincidence that it looks exactly like a two. There's no magical or amazing reason why or how.

  4. Oh I'm absolutely sure of it, but I just wanted to have some dumb fun and see what people thought of it

  5. We need a new management system basically, and we need something that makes migration relatively easy, and allows us to highlight what priority tasks have with colors. We just bought a tv to be able to view all the clients we have on the screen, and know which are most urgent.

  6. I'm my own god, science is cool and all, but first of all I believe in myself

  7. Rdj as iron man, depp as captain jack sparrow

  8. Try another one with a different name. Nothing to panic about.

  9. Format the SD card in FAT32, copy the .bin file in it, change the filename so it is NOT the same as the one you tried to flash last, and try again.

  10. Thanks for the advice, it worked perfectly!

  11. In your slicer make sure you have retractions enabled. It should pull the filament back while it's moving to stop that.

  12. I just can't find a logical explanation to it

  13. Sorry man, but every comment that debunked your theory you've just replied with, 'but bloodhound is a nickname' and it just seemed like you were REALLY reaching for it and not letting it get debunked.

  14. Well, can't I sustain my theory? A theory loses even more credibility if the creator doesn't try to keep it alive, even if it's wrong.

  15. Granted, but when there's pretty solid evidence to suggest your theory is wrong, after so long the creator starts to lose credibility.

  16. Yea, I must admit my theory isn't that solid, I'm sorry

  17. I literally don’t know how the fuck they ever thought that one on the left was good. HOW. HOW did that get by EVERYONE

  18. Hi I'm looking for someone with lvl 100 10/10/10 bond 10 ozy cuz I need to beat the Solomon final boss (which I can't say tge name of because it's spoiler). I saw a vid on youtube where a guy soloed the shit out of the boss and I don't have a bettere alternative. Thanks if you reply!

  19. Oh man that boss sucked! I barely made it through by the skin of my teeth and all of my command spells. I wish you some serious luck!

  20. I made it in 5 minutes with a friend's Ozy solo. Lol.

  21. Well, no. I'm at 13 upvotes. That was a fucking lie

  22. I bet some idiot is gonna repost this and get 3000 karma

  23. I don't really care. Italian pizza is way better man.

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