Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. Such a shame TVP isn’t around this weekend.

  2. It’s the blue /25! First one I’ve seen on eBay, I saw the red /10 last week but got outbid on it. Would love to do the simple rainbow on this one though

  3. If I had the money, I’d consider building it as well! It’s a fun design. Watch out for that Harper though - it’s expensive too.

  4. Should have been over Pollard, not sanders, Sanders was deserving of his spot.

  5. Don’t think you made the point you thought you were, Pollard was more effective, had more total yards and TDs than Sanders in one less game.

  6. Gimenez Sapphire Chrome Orange /25, got this for what I feel was a really fair price considering the year he had last year. So excited for baseball to be back and see what JRam and Gimenez have in store!

  7. Awful end to a great game but it’s all the Bengals player fault. Can’t do that

  8. Eagles with a Mickey Mouse walk to the SB, please Chiefs or Bengals fuck them up

  9. I always feel more bad for the dudes on the sideline who get their legs taken out by that shit lmao poor guy just chilling

  10. Greg Olsen should absolutely not be taken out of the booth but we all know they’ll do it for Tom

  11. HHH being old makes me sad, dude was such a big part of my childhood. Absolutely one of the best to ever do it!

  12. Yeah hearing Cody talk right now has me an even bigger fan, idc if it was predictable that he won.

  13. Man this sucks, Pollard is awesome and was about to get a bag. Hope he can heal up quick and be back to himself ASAP.

  14. Its all good! Shitty end to the season but it was a fun year. Looking forward to the future and hopefully this guy is a big part of it!

  15. Proud of the team for the season they had even if tonight sucked. We’re in good hands, the future is finally bright! Will miss y’all every week but looking forward to draft and off-season talk.

  16. Tomorrows games are absolute heat compared to today, can’t wait for Bills/Bengals especially

  17. “He built a team” really? No fucking shit man who would’ve thought a GM put together a team! I get his point but holy shit what awful broadcasting.

  18. I hate that I like Jalen Hurts but Nick Siriani is such a douche it’s easy to still hate the Eagles

  19. Does this game REALLY change anyone’s opinion on Jones? Feel like he proved he was the guy before the playoffs even started. Feels dumb to change your mind off of this game.

  20. That drop is the definition of this game. Our WRs absolutely suck and that’s a TD it was right in his hands. I really hope we upgrade next year man.

  21. Meh. He misses a ton of open stuff. Pretty mediocre and throws a to. Of picks

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