1. Ad blockers can cause issues. Turn that off if you have one.

  2. Ad blockers, hadn’t even thought of that. Switched to cellular and watched the goodies roll in!

  3. Same just happened to me, I had Knull pinned, feels bad.

  4. From my understanding there is going to be a " private location " nearby that consumption will be permitted. Anyone can have a party and smoke. This is for people with cards . People who pay alot to be a part of the program. People complaining that not everybody can attend are being petty just lookn for something to complain about.

  5. I'm not sure there were even any complaints, like personally i was just asking for clarification if my non-caregiver spouse would be able to attend with me (an mmj patient) because if not i'd find different plans so i can be with my spouse for Red White and Boom.

  6. Strictly patients and caregivers or can non-patient/caregiver spouse join?

  7. KIVA confections are currently Buy 1 Get 1 from 10/15 - 10/31 at Bloom Medicinals

  8. in Columbus? I don't see that on the website...

  9. Yes. I only know about it due to the e-mail from them advertising it.

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