1. I've got a genuine question. How does that many cards fit in a bubble mailer? I've shipped upwards of 35 in a mailer. Are you using multiple mailers or larger mailers that cost the same to ship? Thank you in advance.

  2. I’m going to be using a slightly bigger bubble mailor than normal and putting 40-50 cards in between cardboard pieces so they are secured

  3. if you want to make money then your best bet is keeping it sealed and leaving it alone for a decade

  4. Well I’m thinking to keep value but I’m not keeping it for the value I’m keeping it for my hopefully future son. Hoping he might get into it one day and I can pass him down a valuable collection

  5. Won’t be valuable down the road but it would be a neat pass me down piece of history for you son. Assuming 10+ years down the road, the card hobby will probably drastically change and this could be a memento do different times, kinda neat ya know. I would have loved to have had cards passed down to me as a child from the 70s or 80s to look at the designs, hall of famers, simpler times etc. they wouldn’t have been worth much but still would mean something to the family. Keep it sealed and let your son open it and smell the fresh cards and rummage through all the hall of famers that he knows as “old timers”

  6. Lol ok let me whip out my trout autos to trade you for whatever mystery garbage cards you pulled out of 5 Archives blasters

  7. So keep a mobility item on you and run away faster… movement is meta. Take your pick of items.

  8. I’ll clip it next time it’s happened bc it’s happened 3 times, sure it’ll happen again, but I hammer 2-3 times away and still go one tapped by it

  9. Then they’re just reading you like an absolute book bro

  10. I have a Brandon Lowe rose gold out of Topps Chrome platinum anniversary

  11. Niccee, I was digging through my cards and found my Verlander, 05 fleer platinum die cut auto. Been thinking off loading my entire collection of cards lately, need the room and money sadly.

  12. could be a fix that they applied without update.

  13. So no more cross point? That’s sad. But not very nice of you calling me an idiot when there was a difference but it’s good all is forgiven

  14. soto gallery morden artist, gallery base nootbaar, gallery base pena, topps and heritage cal raleight rc, acuna jr. 2021 greatest hit, any available?

  15. Just imagine being a angels fan or Phillies, red is usually like /5 I think, I’m a rats fan so most of my color matches are /150. Cool mail day man

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