1. That was so damn annoying!!! The car scene with Sam was just so cringe and absolutely not funny in any way. Poor Sam.

  2. I find him the most overrated character. He was interesting in earlier seasons and I liked him but later on he just was plain annoying sometimes. They were just so hell bent on to show him as House but he wasn’t.

  3. I will also add Martha to the same list. I loved Cameron in the very early seasons but later on they just showed her being extremely judgmental.

  4. For some reason people get confused about this part, but it’s really just about remembering the Sherlock Holmes aspect of the show. You can’t look at the House finale as being realistic, but Foreman is a more grounded character so I think that’s where part of the confusion comes from. Also as another commenter mentioned, people forget that House used to leave clues. (I forgot until I read that comment lol.)

  5. As someone else already explained he does know house is alive because of all the places House could’ve left the ID, he left it under the unstable end table. Previously House had been leaving messages under chairs regarding the case. Then he left one in Foreman’s office, which was underneath that little end table. So for his ID to be placed in the same spot, Foreman made the connection that House was still alive

  6. i think given he could probably stop erly enough to still bring down the wall but not kill anyone if he saw someone in the dining room was preety in line with his level of risk taking

  7. Yeah I don’t remember the name of the episode. Same here, Wilson is definitely my favourite character too. House and Chase after him.

  8. I go Wilson > Chase > Thirteen > House.

  9. For me Wilson then Chase and then House. Thirteen I am warming up to now. Her relationship with Foreman was boring for me.

  10. I just wanted to say that I felt the same initially but you slowly warm up to the new characters :)

  11. Chase got into his own head and it affected his medical judgment. House didnt see him as a doctor and lost all respect for him at that moment. A couple episodes before you can see house complimenting chase on how smart he is which is a huge thing for house to do. Later chase's petulance in the worst time possible made house angry enough to fire him. Thats why he says that He was done with chase and can't teach him anything anymore, its because chase was so focused on kissing house's ass that he got mad when he didnt get the attention he deserved.

  12. Yes but in that episode where Chase gets fired he was the only one talking any sense and standing up to House. So it’s like House couldn’t stand that.

  13. He wasnt. You can see that through out the episode if you watch it again. Anything foreman said and house agreed with made chase angry. He thought He was agreeing with foreman all the time regardless of wether it was right kr wrong but he wasnt foreman was just having a good day and good ideas. If you watch it again youll see how house gives most of the attention to foreman whuch makes chase gradually go nuts. Ive seen it like 5-6 times never understood why he fired him until I noticed house's behaviour towards e every team member :)

  14. Nick and Schmidt for me. They just have so so many underrated and also justly rated moments. Tinfinity, the one where Nick tells Schmidt how he will be a very good husband as he is already a husband to Nick and also one where Schmidt makes Nick realise his feelings for Jess. I do love Schmidt and Jess moments too.

  15. This episode upset me so much. It shows that she has absolutely no character growth. Silly hijinks like that might have worked in the first season, but season 5? It was awful and I seriously considered not watching it anymore after that. Luckily I carried through. Her character did not really get better, but the other characters did.

  16. I used to think Nick was more childish but then you see him having such a character growth but I guess Jess is the only character who doesn’t change or get less annoying.

  17. The one with Schmidts bachelor party... Nick reminded Schmidt how much of a great husband he'd be to Cece and it was heartwarming

  18. That’s just how Schmidt is 🤣. But he is one if the character who also goes through the biggest personal growth in the series. I absolutely love him though!

  19. I find her a bit annoying. They tried too hard to write her as the anti-Jess. A lone wolf, straight talker, doesn't need any friends etc. I really miss Jess while she is gone however when Jess returns she seems super annoying in contrast which is also frustrating.

  20. That’s my constant struggle with Jess. I find it so odd that the writers tried to show that the group cannot function without Jess?? They needed her for every little things. Sorry that was just so OOC.

  21. When Nick’s cosuin’s eife is trying to have a baby with Nick and accuses him of not being romantic and Schmidt is like he does romantic things for me all the time and in the end we see Nick carrying Schmidt, bridal style 🤣🥰. I know Nick and Schmidt aren’t canon but their bromance is what I enjoy the most than romance. Also classic you got me a cookie, I got you a cookie. Gay Nick with Schmidt scene 🤣🤣

  22. Since I just finished S4 and haven’t yet watched the next 3 seasons. I realised that Coach is really only in one season. So yup mistake on my part to consider him as main cast member. My top 3 will always be Schmidt, Winston and Nick. That seems to be general consensus here as well.

  23. Agree that coach isn’t a main character but I just finished season 4 and it’s absolutely my most favourite season yet. Enjoyed the focus on the friendships. Have to yet watch 5,6 and 7.

  24. You got me a cookie, I got you a cookie 🤣 You were denied a cell phone because you have the credit score of a homeless ghost!

  25. I think that feeds into some of where Nick and Jess end up by the breakup in season three, which allowed the writers to then refocus on their friendship. You have a very fun season four ahead of you. 💜

  26. You are right. I am absolutely enjoying S4. I love that they are focusing on friendships again and it’s refreshing. Also I think I watched the funniest episode yet, Background Check 🤣🤣🤣 I haven’t laughed this hard watching New Girl till now. Also loving Jess and Ryan. Tbh I loved Jess and Sam too. I just don’t see any compatibility between Nick and Jess. But yes it might change in later seasons.

  27. It's not an unpopular opinion for where you are in the show but the characters still have seasons worth of development. Give it time and your opinion may change. Honestly you havent even hit peak New Girl yet.

  28. I am absolutely enjoying S4. I love that they are focusing on friendships again and it’s refreshing. Also I think I watched the funniest episode yet, Background Check 🤣🤣🤣 I haven’t laughed this hard watching New Girl till now.

  29. Try The Big Bang Theory. It’s my all time favourite show. I was hooked from episode 1.

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