1. How effective is tren really for recomping/keeping one lean? From what I’ve seen IRL, the effects seem over exaggerated online...

  2. Stack with some Masteron... it lessens the side effects, at least it did for me the second time I ran it.

  3. Is HGH on its own beneficial to athletic performance? I’ve heard mixed opinions and wondered if someone with knowledge could answer this for me.

  4. Probably... but most people here are looking for muscle growth. HGH has very subtle effects. Sometimes you only notice them after you stop using it.

  5. I got pined and my butt twitched on is own.... Anyone else experience this before?

  6. I think the sad thing for Americans is that cars are becoming unaffordable and there is no decent public transportation. If you live in a major European city, a car is a luxury, you really can do without it. In the US we're screwed. Wages haven't doubled (or more) in the last 20 years but housing and cars have.

  7. lol you got ripped off, or you could've spent 6k on a nice used car

  8. Right! In fact used cars right now are a horrible value. I've seen asking prices for 2-3 year old low mileage cars at sticker price for the same model new. My 10 year old car (that I paid $25k for 10 years ago) got me $12.5k from CarMax.

  9. DHB VS MENT for mass as a second anabolic added to test for next blast?

  10. I'm running 700 DHB right now, about 10 weeks in. It came on pretty slowly but the strength and mild sides are really nice. My only complaint is that about half the vials I have, have started to come out of solution.

  11. I'm planning to try MENT next blast as well, but can't offer a comparison yet, unfortunately.

  12. I find the way this subreddit is managed to be about as user-unfriendly as you can get. The Daily this and that are ridiculous because your question only gets eyeballs for less than a day. It's also hard to find it and track it. If you have a question that might have broad interest, why can't it have a lifetime longer than one day? Today 10-13 doesn't even have a daily thread yet. This is stupid.

  13. Steroid dosages aren’t a one size fits all approach. Some are hyper responders, some are hypo responders. The reason 500mgs is suggested is because it has become the standard for most people. To use a lesser dose without understanding how you react could mean you shut yourself down, risk the same damages as a 500mg dose, and get a fraction of the gains/benefits. Therefore it would be foolish. There are YouTube business shills pushing this low dose bs so they can prop up their trt clinic sales, no other reason.

  14. Do people “feel” different ways from compounds? Because I’ve always been convinced it’s just a placebo effect and to never give credence to a compound reviewer who strictly talks about how they “feel” on it. I care about results not feelings

  15. Ah psychology, depends exactly what you mean by "feel." Any of the substances can make you feel bad, or like Hercules when you hit new strength goals... but is it the drug or a side effect of something else physical happening. Overall, I agree with you. No, you don't "feel" anything from them, the side effects may cause you to feel some level of good or bad, but otherwise it's mostly the same. I'm to the point where I'm pretty sure I can identify this handful of substances by dose and side effects not any "feel."

  16. It’s a staple for any strength cycle 210-350 mg/week with noticeable difference. It’s one of the most commonly found compounds for throwing/field athletes because of the increased power output it allows. It doesn’t mess with my digestion, estrogen, or any other typical side typically associated with most compounds.

  17. Thankfully, it doesn't do that to me at all... I still sleep like a baby, but I do well on Tren in that regard as well. I maybe have a few restless nights on any cycle as things are ramping up, but I guess my body adjusts.

  18. Deca vs tren for gaining muscle? Say, 900 mgs deca vs 300mgs tren acetate with a high test base for comparison My thinking being the strength gains from tren equate to more and or faster muscle growth no? On the flip side the higher MGs per week from deca may offset that? Also I'm happier on tren it seems to let me eat freely whereas deca seems to require a pretty clean diet....I'm not lean now but sub 15% for sure.

  19. If I go over 600 Deca I start to have sides I don't like. I feel bad and I have this really obnoxious stomach issue where gas builds up putting a lot of pressure in my chest and I have to burp to get rid of it. It lasts a little while then subsides. So, Deca at 600 is great, over that, 800, pass. I accidentally did 1400 one time (a mislabeled bottle of Tren 100) and it didn't take me too long to figure out what was going on. I felt plateaued at what deca at 600 could do for me. I tried Tren at 700 and was able to gain another 10 lean lbs. So, based on this I conclude Tren is stronger for me. Also: sides on 700 Tren were similar for me to 600 Deca (minimal).

  20. Do any of you ever experience severe muscle cramps/spasms in your abs at all? I seem to get it more when e2 is low. Just had the worse ab spasm getting in the car. Ngl, I know I sound like a pussy, but it was one of the worst pains I’ve ever experienced.

  21. Yes, I've had them in a number of different circumstances but only when working abs. I've never connected the dots to figure out the other causes.

  22. Nick is looking amazing! I don't think anyone can compete with his size and now, sporting a tiny midsection. Amazing!

  23. Yeah after having a google it sounds somewhat serious. However it’s been like that for no more than 6 weeks. That’s when I had my last bloods done.

  24. I did a blood test and my E2 is 3,000pg/ml on a range of 10-50. No real sides except slightly high blood pressure, did the lab fuck up my numbers, is this even possible?

  25. Actually... are you sure you got the sensitive test? I had a result like yours with a standard Estrogen test when I was taking Tren. Apparently it picks up Tren as estrogen.

  26. In case you haven't, test liver enzymes after a few day break from workouts... also do Cystatin C test for better test of kidney function. You may not really have problems.

  27. Do yall do anything beyond just basic stretching to maintain mobility/flexibility? I'm trying to get huge, but not at the cost of my athleticism.

  28. You can't expect to carry around a lot of extra muscle weight and maintain the same "athleticism." You can't run as fast carrying 50 lbs on your back, can you? What you should focus on is finding the right balance for your goals, but that sounds like it means you shouldn't be targeting "mass monster."

  29. That's a good call out. The concern isn't just running, but I get your point and that does help me to refocus my goals.

  30. Running is a personal example... I could run 6 minute miles at 140 lbs. At 195, and a lot of years later, I can still run sub-10 but I really notice that extra 55lbs and there's been a process for my joints to adapt to carrying the weight as well.

  31. I second this... being nauseous from eating means something is probably wrong.

  32. Thought this might be the best place to ask. Wife is on the combined birth control pill and would like to come off because of mild sides. Whenever she’s tried to come off side effects worsen and she goes back on.

  33. Why do people use HGH if it has essentially no recomp effects, is useless for hypertrophy, costs hundreds of dollars per month, and presents a risk of worsening cancer and impairing insulin sensitivity?

  34. It seems to work synergistically with steroids. I don't think there are any studies to back this up... but my personal experiences also support this. It's only bro-science but it seems to help stick gains.

  35. I've used anylabtestnow if you happen to have them in your area, they are pretty convenient.

  36. yeah it's crazy how many times i've heard over the last 1.5yrs that stimulus is keeping people not working, from out of touch politicians and media personalities. i didn't qualify but even in the middle of nowhere that's not enough for the average person to get by for a month. given that over half the stimulus is estimated to be straight up stolen and defrauded it's a wonder there aren't riots in the streets right now. anyways...

  37. Your ideas are far too radical to ever be adopted in America!

  38. Making more people poor and creating an impoverished class for cheap labor... while simultaneously freezing middle class wages while inflation happens and broadly lowering the standard of living...

  39. One time I was buying a product labeled Tren Ace but I knew something strange was going on. I had it tested and it was actually Deca 200. Which meant I was inadvertently running Deca 1400/week. Imagine the sides... but still something was weird so I tested another vial and it came back as Tren 50. So, nor roulette. Hahaha... It was screwy and not something I would repeat. The main issue was running Deca at 1400/week and weird sides.

  40. I gave up on that source... The product was either not what it said or underdosed. Sad, because before COVID it was pretty good. Their Primo was 100 Deca 100 Eq... their Deca 400 was Dianabol 50. ... LOL

  41. You don’t need studies to know if a drug causes low blood sugar symptoms

  42. It doesn't in me, but I don't think I'm a scientific sample. You do need studies because different people have different reactions. If you're comfortable with a sample size of one, I can unequivocally state that at doses as high as 700mg/week it does not cause low blood sugar symptoms.

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