1. Update: Even after all of the above, I got charged AGAIN today. I called the first number I mentioned above and she said it was showing up canceled on her (Target's) end and that evidently Shipt still had me enrolled somehow. I told her it showed up Target on my bank statement but that didn't seem to matter, said it was the Shipt folks. And no, I have not used Shipt or Target for anything since my OP. PS: if I should post all of this on some Target subreddit instead, let me know (please link), all I saw was the main Target sub for employees. Figure since the most recent agent said I'm still being charged by Shipt, the post might be in the right place. Open to suggestions.

  2. Hey bud it sounds like you’re suffering pretty good. I never found any relief in showers either because I’m so temperature sensitive it makes it worse. I think the sweats are the worst part of being sick. The prodromal phase is deceptive since you go in and out of it. it’s easy to think that it’s caused by something else like what you ate or how much u smoked. Sounds like your doctor is probably right and as aggravating as it is the only way to find out is to stop. I was always looking for another explanation but in my heart I knew what it was. I hear you about the anxiety of having a full-blown attack but the constant torture of the low-grade nausea in the Prodromal phase might be worse bc it can go on for months. If you make the decision to quit tell your doctor and see if he can help out. Sounds like you’re already inclined to anxiety and going cold turkey can be overwhelming. I would for sure give the THC Vape a break and only smoke flower under 20% but the answers aren’t going to come until the abstinence does. In the end if you’re sick with something else you can stick in your doctors eye and go smoke your brains out!!! Lifting you up buddy hang in there.

  3. Thank you, I sincerely appreciate the well thought out response. Im actually not nauseous at all right now and my baseline nausea in general has been better surprisingly since getting COVID (even while I had it). The nausea just was mostly elevated for about 24 hrs it seems. Right now it's just anxiety. To be clear, I wasnt vaping concentrate, I vape flower. I should have clarified. I will stick to my lowest THC strain though, I think it's 22%. I'm just gonna take it easy on it until I can get sleep meds and more promethezine if needed and then quit completely. Honestly, the only reason I use MJ is for sleep, nausea and appetite so as much as I hate the idea of Rx with side effects again, I can manage fine without marijunana when my symptoms are treated. MJ just had less side effects, no drowsiness the next day etc. which is why I prefer it. I'm lucky in the sense I don't depend on it for coping with mental health problems anymore so I'm not worried about that end of things. It would be 10x worse if this was a few years ago. Annnnd I'm rambling. Thanks again for responding. I'll update with how I feel after quitting. Assuming I do have CHS, how long after quitting should I experience whole days without nausea?

  4. Your sleep nausea and appetite are likely to be screwed up for 2 to 3 weeks after you quit. Keep reading all of these posts and think about marijuana anonymous online for support.

  5. Thank you. Im guessing I'm at the very beginning of promordal phase and also have some non cannabis issues too. I havent had any pain really since posting, but did have some light to moderate nausea the last 2 mornings after I ate breakfast. Also the day before yesterday, weed was making me very anxious. I gave in and took a puff of flower late last night because melatonin just wasnt working for sleep. Should be getting a call from the doc about sleep meds today which will be the key to me truly quitting. I have a substance abuse therapist (5.5 years ago I quit opiates, alcohol with his help and havent looked back) that I left a message with but will def keep online support groups in mind. I'm thankful for this sub and your input. Had I just gone by what the doctor said, I'd be doubtful I have CHS, but after going through this sub, I'm pretty certain I do have it. I'm gonna miss it for sleep especially but I'm already excited about the money I'm saving and the other benefits that come with quitting. Now if I could just get in that mindset with nicotine vaping lol.

  6. Nice. I've been sleeping on Meigs for like 2 years now, largely because I just don't hear much about their strains on here or Instagram. When I had their Honey strain and Youforia, I enjoyed both. Have they been pretty good as of late?

  7. The Cherry Dosidos is really good. I've heard their cake strains are good too.

  8. Sweet, sounds good! Thanks for the heads up! I like Dosidos and Lemon Dosidos.

  9. Woodward is my top with Certified becoming my 2nd again. I have never had something from WW that was "trash" or didn't have any effects unlike other expensive brands. Just my experience though. Enjoying their Purple Cake rn and it's some beautiful, sticky, effective nug. They have a few other good strains I regularly get too. After a 2 year break, I got some Certified Greasy Rntz (both select and regular) and though it doesn't have much smell, it's probably made Certifed my 2nd favorite. Excellent effects for any time of day for me. I know a lot of people also consider Galenas and Farkas up there with Woodward but I've been really disappointed in both here and there (more so Farkas) throughout my 2.5 years legal. I have yet to see a 2-week cure on any Woodward flower which I can't say for the others. I'll give BR honorable mention because they used to be super consistent for me, but I keep getting dry af nug from them now. Again, just my experience and opinion, I'm not saying others are "wrong" at all with their recommendations.

  10. I just looked at their flower and as far as full prices go, they have a fair amount of ridiculous prices but also a decent amount that is cheaper than what Sunnyside charges, less sales. Will be interesting to see their sales. In case anyone needs to know and didn't see it, Their military/government assistance discount is as follows: Mondays is 25% off. The other days are 10% and you can stack with sales up to 25% off.

  11. Somebody will pick up their 14 dolla tenths. Platinum kush breath by the bank. Thats the only "deal" they're offering today. Interested to see the quality of the flower.

  12. Sunnyside had it and several others from The Bank for $20. I picked up the Sky600 (Skywalker OG). I wasnt expecting anything good was just curious. Has a slight stale smell, moderate effects for what it is but had 2 sessions and havent touched it in weeks. Edit: Im pretty sure I saw a review on here of their Platinum Kush Breath from several months ago. Cant remember what it said but you can search the sub for it if interested.

  13. Don’t forget that, botanically, it’s all literally hybrid.

  14. Yeah, I wish they had a different word for when specifically an Indica is bred with a Sativa lol. I just assumed everyone would get that I meant it in the sense it is typically used when talking about cannabis strains.

  15. I totally understand what you mean! I’m just playing semantics. Also, I find the concept fascinating.

  16. First...I love that you consider purple a flavor haha. Second, please let us know what the price was when you get a min. Thanks, I had no clue we had rosin vape carts/disposables in our program.

  17. Oh purple most definitely can be a flavor lol. I got mine for 37.20 otd at Verdant.

  18. I haven't seen any reviews of this in non Artifact flower. Everything I've been hearing about the Artifact Alien Pebbles has been good so far. Love Alien Genetics and both of Alien Pebble's parents are of Alien Genetics genetics (lol) I think. Thanks for posting, looking forward to your review!

  19. Animal Face doesn’t sedate me. Makes my mind race crazy….

  20. Yeah, cannabis is like that lol. Diff effects for diff folks oftentimes. It is an Indica dom hybrid so I'm guessing for most people (and from what I've seen in here) that it leans towards relaxing overall, after the initial peak but any strain can have near completely different effects for people, regardless of Sativa vs Indica ratio. Also tends to be higher potency in my experience which can make some people's mind race.

  21. Animal face is actually a sativa dominant strain…

  22. Well shit, you are correct lol. I dont get it because Animal Mints is 50/50 and Face Off OG is Indica dom but everything on Google says Animal Face is Sativa dom. I get how phenos can differ though, I guess that's the explanation?

  23. As for your day's allotment/supply back, that is up to the dispensary. The pharmacy board and cultivators can't give days back because of "rules". Some dispos will do it, some won't. I just emailed the department of commerce and the pharmacy board about this a few days ago so this info is current.

  24. I love this strain, but gleaf wants 70 for 3.5g Out their goddamn minds

  25. I didnt even know these guys did flower...I've never seen it at Sunnyside Cincy. Looks good though.

  26. It’s more then likely a different phenotype and not the quality of the old kings mustache. I didn’t forget when they had that sneak peak queens mustache that sucked balls.

  27. Any idea what the difference in genetics was with the Queen's Mustache...was it just a diff pheno? I could've sworn when they posted it on Insta I was like "this is King's Mustache lineage" but I could be wrong. Either way, I hope this King's Mustache is like the old one or close to it when it was good.

  28. Haven't had this one in a while...does it still smell super pungent? Your nug looks less scraggly then the jars I was getting. Always enjoyed the effects and smell, just noticed on mine that the bud structure was often odd.

  29. I recommended their Blueberry Cupcake on another post, and someone told me it wasn't that good, that the Cherry Pie is better, and there are plenty of other strains that are better. I tried the Cherry Pie and couldn't disagree more. Not much taste, mid effects, and imo, the Blueberry Cupcake is MUCH better.

  30. It's because they are terribly inconsistent. You were probably getting better bags of Blueberry Cupcake. I haven't had Cherry Pie but the BB Cupcake I got was light, airy dry nugs with no smell and no effects. When I say no effects, I mean I vaped a bowl and smoked one and still felt 100% the same at low tolerance. I totally do not doubt you've had great Blueberry Cupcake from them and trash Cherry Pie but it is literally just luck of the draw with Farkas on certain strains. Problem Child seems to be loved by all but Cherry Pie and Blueberry Cupcake just depend on luck.

  31. They send me a bad check for my refund and was such a hassle to get them to fix it . They later sent me a check for less then the original check so it didn’t even cover the fee for the bad check . Emailed them after that and no response. Will never buy from them again.

  32. That's terrible. What was bad about the first check? Just so I know what to look for if they do end up refunding me. I'm sorry you went through that. May I also ask what the refund was for?

  33. It was for oil that leaked out of the container and the oil inside the container had bits of plastic in it . The check didn’t go through because it was written from a closed account. Over all it had be in the negative a little over 200 . I have pictures of everything. I will never ever trust them .

  34. I don't blame you and sincerely sorry that happened. Believe it or not, they emailed me today, apologizing and making sure I got the check. I still wont be buying from them after them putting out that awful flower and hearing some others' experiences. Seems like other cultivators (some, not all) also have some serious customer service issues from what I've been reading. Gotta love Ohio. Thank you again for sharing your experience.

  35. I thought both were decent for the price, though I bought popcorn/reg flower. Neither smelled super loud but the Animal Mints had a decent aroma. I found Apex to be a bit more uppity and cerebral. Their Animal Mints isnt as sedating as others Ive had in the program but still makes me yawn in higher doses and after I do a few sessions. Both helped my appetite some, but the Animal Mints was better for that and nausea. All in all, both were worth what I paid, the Apex was better for AM and daytime I felt, Animal Mints was better for late afternoon/evening. Edit: by daytime Indica they likely mean a lot of patients dont find it sedating but it's technically an Indica through genetics and otherwise has Indica effects. As I'm sure you know, effects often vary by person though. Best wishes with what you go with!

  36. Dr. Weeks at OneHeart Medical is a great weed doc and still only charges $75 for vet renewals I think. He is passionate about herb and is always available to help ya out if needed. He is based in Cincinnati but did my renewals over Zoom (video conference app).

  37. Not sure about others but this just takes me to a community FB group I aint joining to see the post. Might be why you're getting only downvotes. (I figured Id let ya know instead of downvoting lol.) Also, this is how people do phishing scams (click this link that has you log into something so you can end the suspense the caption builds up). I know you aren't phishing, just some people might be sketched by that part.

  38. The CBD stuff is something I def needed to know about and didn't. Can you get just CBD in something to counteract getting too high?

  39. As I tried to allude to, CBD does not work like that for many people so I do not recommend depending on it to counteract anything until you know it works for you. I'd try some straight CBD and see if it helps with just regular anxiety first if you're dead set on going that route. You can get straight CBD products many places and in various forms. A lot of people like gummies. Non dispo CBD products are notoriously misdosed so I would Google reviews of any products before buying. But yeah, tons of straight CBD products online. With the suggestion about using a THC drink to micro dose, I was taking the "let's hope CBD works for me" out of the equation but it is totally you're decicision, you know your body better than any of us. Also, I have to remember we're just talking about weed, no one is gonna die because a 1:1 vape got them uncomfortably high lol. I just hated seeing my friend give up on cannabis because she had a bad experience with what some are recommending on here.

  40. I’m in no way agreeing or disagreeing with you but I wouldn’t tout what your Dr. said as being gospel, it even being accurate. Unless they are a patient themselves, they get most of their “knowledge” from other “experts” ; who have ZERO clue. Hell, a few years ago b4 there was $$$ involved, most of these “Drs” would have shit all over cannabis as a medicine.

  41. My doc is a longtime patient, researcher and activist. Though I appreciate where you're coming from a doctor doesn't have to be a patient to effectively treat others. Doctors shouldn't be going by their personal anecdotes anyways. That's with any medical treatment. Regardless the advice he gave in said situation is solid advice and there's plenty of research to back up why depending on CBD to negate unwanted Sx is not smart unless you already know it works in that regard for you.

  42. That is very nice but I tried to give a lady a dollar at the register at Sunnyside Cincy and they were like "We appreciate the gesture but that's technically illegal and we could get in trouble if anyone wanted to be mean." I am guessing it could be considered paying for someone else's product? I don't want to ruin the moment or take away from that very kind gesture, just would hate to see anyone get in trouble. I doubt the customers would but if an employee is enemies with another employee I could see them being like "Hey pharmacy board, look at our cameras." I'll take the downvotes for harshing y'alls mellow now lol.

  43. Lol we got the same batch and I just picked mine up today!

  44. Glad your Greasy Rntz was aromatic (I mean that sincerely). Mine was dry with virtually no scent, def nothing I could say was gassy. Was my first Certified purchase in prob 1.5 years because they weren't consistent much back then either. I would get 3 containers, 2 would be fire, one not at all. Bought 2 this time, both the same. Looks fire and effects are good though, the latter being most important to me. Def a big step up from the same-priced Wellspring Field flower I got. I knew I was in for dry weed when the budtender handed it to me and said "Certfied is great after it sits with a humidity pack a few days" lol. Luckily I have some Bovedas and this does seem like it will open up some.

  45. I think a lot of companies (even popular ones) are a hit or miss with different batches and even the strain strain from the same person can vary significantly. For example, someone just reviewed a lemon dosidos from buckeye relief that looked like some absolute 🔥⛽️. But I got some a few months ago that was disappointing and underwhelming.

  46. Oh yeah for sure. Name of the game in Ohio. I've had the same experience with Lemon Dosidos. Only once did I get it where I was truly like "wtf" but most other times it's had a very strong lemon scent, been sticky etc. Just the batches or individual tenths sometimes can be different like you said. I tend not to give BR and the under $40/tenth folks as much public criticism though I should expect more as a patient from companies like that too. I apologize, I hope I didnt come across as arguing your OP, I totally believe yours was gassy etc and am glad you got that jar. I will say, I've been loving the effects of the Greasey Rntz. It doesn't sedate me but it's euphoric, relaxing and helps with my appetite and nausea. I can use it any time of day. Do you find it to have pretty middle of the road/hybrid effects too?

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