1. Could you have picked something stinkier to bring on a plane? My God, Oscar, really. Do you have a bag of baby poop in there, too, to share with everybody?

  2. Can finally see some documents on T-Mobiles app about the eip. Hopefully that means it will go through as expected.

  3. Made me go and immediately buy a lithium ion fire extinguisher.

  4. Sounds like a great plan until your lithium ion fire extinguisher spontaneously combusts

  5. Very overrated. And the owners are trumpers.

  6. Un Dito is fucking delicious. Not overrated in the slightest in my opinion. But what’s this about them being Trumpers???

  7. Give it a try on the Apple Store app. Worked for me and now I’m picking up a 14 Pro 256 Purple on release day from my local Apple Store.

  8. Order the unlocked model if the extra credits don’t matter much. I wouldn’t delay getting the phone for so long since it can easy slip into November for shipping

  9. You think I’m going to pay hundreds of dollars more so that I can get the phone a couple weeks earlier?

  10. Try the Apple Store app. Just worked for me finally. Picking up my new iPhone 14 Pro on release day from my local Apple Store.

  11. Just checked the apple store app and dates are pushed out to mid October lol

  12. Ditch the Seiko 5 and get a proper ISO-rated diver.

  13. Working on it… it’s a little easier to drop a couple hundred bucks on a pseudo-diver for now. Eventually I want to get the Omega Seamaster 300M white dial.

  14. Thanks, lots of love for the Junghans! I love the German/Bauhaus minimalist design. It’s timeless.

  15. After starting in fashion watches (Fossil, Kenneth Cole, Vincero) I finally got myself a beautiful German Junghans Max Bill Quartz. Next I went for my holy grail, the Moonwatch. Then I picked up the Seiko 5 “Diver”. Then this week my wife bought me a Casio G-Shock GAB2100 in this beautiful green color. So I now have a quartz watch, a solar watch, an automatic, and a manual-wind. Similarly, I have a dress watch, a beater watch, a “diver”, and a chronograph. Eventually I’d love to add the Omega Seamaster 300M white dial.

  16. Selling this like-new Andover Songbird Hi-Res Audio Streamer because I built some more Raspberry Pi Streamers and no longer need this. I’ve used it maybe a dozen times and it is in perfect condition. Sells for $179 new, I’ll sell it for $75. Connects over WiFi or Ethernet, streams Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, and many others. Also supports Bluetooth and AirPlay. Comment here or send me a DM with questions or to purchase. Thanks.

  17. I must be an idiot because I don’t see any prices

  18. I feel like I already give too much of my sipping time to Woodford (Delta Airlines serves Woodford onboard nearly every flight) so I like to mix it up.

  19. SMP all day every day. My personal choice is the white dial, but any color would look great, and on the rubber strap like you have there.

  20. Precisely this answer. SMP white dial is the most beautiful diver that Omega makes right now.

  21. I worked with a client whose name was something like Daniel Adcock and his email was dadcock @ company . com

  22. Nah, the waves are what make the dial so interesting and eye-catching. SMP300m with the white dial all day!

  23. Okay I pretty much agreed with most of the comments on here until I got to this one. I’ve had plenty of fried chicken in my day… Revival is fucking Spot. On.

  24. Random question but does that say your apartment is 28.4 C (83 F)? Seems quite toasty.

  25. Did you eat at Sea Salt? Or Bull’s Horn? Or Sandcastle? Or Tipsy Steer? Or Bill’s Garden?

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