1. You probably did some shit, like multiaccounting. Sure, stars want your money, they scammed you lol, what a delusional thought

  2. Nope, just one account did nothing wrong bro.

  3. Then probably they will sort out, its pokerstars, they are literally the most trusted site since i dont know, but many-many-many years, i never heard any kind of problem with them since i first played online, and that was 12years ago. When such things happens, you did something wrong, or they have some false detection on your account, just write for them, and they will sort it out. Sometimes they need multiple days to answer btw. Check your PC for malicious softwares, i dont know how poker anticheats works, but in CS VAC can false flag your account for a lot of not cheating program, maybe something similar happened, nowdays the solvers cause a lot of trouble. Just stay calm, and write for them, explain the situation, ask what is going on, and keep writing till they sort out. Trust me, they dont miss your money, they dont need it, for them a good reputation worth 100000 times more.

  4. In cg, i dont think so. If they ever smell that you are willing to fold KK preflop, they will bully you. Sometimes you have to pay that AA

  5. I had a phone surviving 1 month without being lost \ cracked \ sold in an impulsive fashion once, and thats a personal record.

  6. If you got no stim tolerance, 1g is plenty. start really low, who knows how pure is that stuff

  7. I dont know what is poker Gaga, its JackPoker, a new brazilian site, that was made on NL4 CG

  8. my experience is set and setting matters so much that 100mcg of the same batch can hit 5times harder than 200 used to before. Also, i need much more than my friends to have the same effects, i have strong defense mechanism against leaving the reality

  9. waste of time is all perspective.

  10. everyday is different, but i think its about 8-8.5. i feel like im just about a mm away from having constant panic attacks. sadly im out of med, my doc just stoped working at thet clinic which i used to visit, and didnt find any other doc wanting to deal with adhd, so im fucked

  11. hard to answer. usually people get calm just like ADHD people with moderate doses. Literally the same effects can be observed, they can focus better, and things like that.

  12. I dont think its possible to answer such question. I dont think every "good online pro" player is the same, and every "best online pro" players are the same, so there is no simple answer to this question.

  13. ask your doctor to prescribe atomoxetine or something like that for you, stimulants is not your thing

  14. so, bath salts have more vascoconstraction effects than normal amphetamines? Chlorinated pyros have same effects as MDMA?

  15. you cant claim this as a general truth. some of them surely do it more than MDMA for example, some of them surely not, and more often we have no fuckin clue

  16. I've never known MDMA to cause notable vasoconstriction but Its been a few years, Adderall can in higher doses but fr the worst stims I've consumed for that is either propylhexedrine (don't recommend at all) and like 50mg of ephedrine

  17. every single stimulant do it, even caffine, how significant will be this effect is different can vary a lot.

  18. Maybe, but I'm scared to say I took drugs. And also I would have tell my mom as she knows about the insurance. So I'd be fucked

  19. calm the fuck down, most importantly. if you got some xans at hand it might be useful

  20. amph is barely touching serotonin, so unless you do something extremely stupid shit, you will be safe. Serotonine syndrome is not really a possibility, but im not a doctor or anything, so take everything with a grain of salt, obviously. In my opinion the problem can be the temp most of the time, for some people SSRI-s can cause serious problems alone at the summer. Now, amphetamine is the same, can cause problems, and even at winter, you just need to fuck yourself enough for that. :D

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