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  1. There is a random raider encounter where the raider says she's recently eaten a SM. She seems satisfied.

  2. It happens more often than you'd think. There's a lot of people in the world, and a lot of stuff happens to them. Roll those dice enough and get people surviving serious brain trauma, people surviving falling out of planes, people surviving lightning strikes, and so on, and so on.

  3. True. But even then, how can you call the Courier an ordinary man? Maybe he truly was just a courier before the gunshot but after it? I find it hard to believe.

  4. I have two. First is the unleashed one. Someone who doubts their action not, someone who beats up a gangster in his hideout because he looked at him funny. This guy is top dog, and everybody will know it. Gruesome, violent, and self-serving, he is a villain to the core, there are no altruistic moments, he revels in the violence and doesn't hide the fact that he loves conflict.

  5. If God can prevent evil, yet not willing he is not benevolent.

  6. When I see some over-the-top bullshit in the description, I immediately know that I will not read it.

  7. Already saw it, more than once. He's the guy I got the 20 feet tall from.

  8. Books, lots of books. Video games and a new laptop (or better yet a PC) are up there as well, and probably a new motorcycle.

  9. All the time. A few examples. The hospital room number which my character was born in is 149, referring to 2001 a space oddessy. He named one of his sons Jimmy, with his full name being Jimmy Gibbs Howlett which was mentioned in passing, a reference to L4D2. Another small detail was the rifle he is using, I gave it a rather lengthy and vivid description, it looks like the All American from Fallout: New Vegas, while his other rifle looks like The machine from the same game. Another easter egg, although the readers picked up on this one, is that I named one of the planets they encountered Catchan (I think that's how it's spelled, I'd have to check), naming it after a planet of the same name from the Warhammer 40k universe. Then how I named one of the characters. I named him Adam. His surname was West, and his father was a major, a title which he later got, referring to the character Adam West from family guy.

  10. I have a strange one. I wish it was normalized for guys to just duke it out. To just formally challenge a guy to a duel or something without being seen as an aggressive barbarian brute. Like I said, pretty strange one. But sometimes you just need to let off some steam, especially in a particularly heated argument, to think more clearly. Or just the other guy is a retard and needs to be put in his place. Hell, you might be the retard and need to be put in your place. A nice fight would solve that. Cuz I'm 100% sure that every person here has at least once encountered that asshole whose words can't move and he must be dealt with force, yet the laws protect him. A formal duel could solve that. Pretty strange, I know.

  11. Dudes complimenting dudes. If your cologne kicks ass. I’m gonna ask where you got it and what it is. No. I’m not gay. No. I’m not hitting on you. I’m just wanting to know about your cologne!

  12. This is the definition of the quote "Boys will be boys", just looking at this gives all the answers.

  13. Nice dogo (The need to pet it big)

  14. Because 2 negatives make a positive right? If you don't have something, that something disappearing makes it appear.

  15. Berserk, but the older anime, not the new CGI trash

  16. I have never seen it done, and the concept is new and original, but you are gonna have to iron it out quite a bit. MHA is a series that does not go into depth about its past (compared to things like GOT or Naruto etc.), and All Might is one of the more mysterious characters, so you have to have plenty of originality for it. Next up, is the reactions. I can not emphasize enough, with the type of fic you are about to write, you must nail the reactions to a T, they must be realistic and believable. Other than that, you are gonna have some explaining to do. Now IDK if your MC is gonna become a villain or a hero but upon deciding on his path, tie it back to his torture (example: because the heroes didn't arrive early enough he began to hate them, he got involved in this because his father is a hero so he now hates them or because of the abuse he suffered he doesn't want anyone else to suffer the same thing), I think the set up is great for a villain, but that is up to you to decide. Finally, another important note, is how the world will interact with him after the torture. What will the villains think? What will the heroes think? What will his father say? His mother? Will they pity him? Want to use him? Etc, that's again something you are really gonna have to nail. Now don't get discouraged, I may have just written a wall of text, but I truly believe you have a good idea. And just as much as I have given you pointers on what to look out for, you can make great use of that. Show how the MC transforms, how the torture makes or breaks him, how he uses their pity against them or struggles to prove himself beyond it, that's gonna capture the readers. That's just my opinion, you are free to do with it as you wish, happy writing!

  17. No problem, always willing to help a fellow writer in need.

  18. Baki: the most testosterone-fueled manga ever, with art that is both ugly, beautiful, grotesque, and strangely attractive at the same time

  19. Load my shotgun with malicious intent

  20. So do you want it framed positively? 'Cause ain't no one gonna frame imperialism like it's good thing in the Year of Our Lord That Feels Amazing to Type Since it's not the Previous Year 2021.

  21. No, I am well aware that imperialism is not positive, and if it seems like I tried to frame it possitively then it was not on purpose. I just want to feel that same vibe that I felt in the things I watched. If you know anything about Warhammer 40k it's the same. The universe is shit, but the aura is great. That feeling of the strict military, the side of the uniform by side, the weapons all looking great. I by no means think that imperialism is good or positive, I just want something to entertain me that has that same vibe.

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