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  1. I might be a little bit worryingly jaded, but it didn't really...affect me. It's one of the goriest movies I've seen but like, it's just blood and guts. The movies and stories that scare me are a lot more intangible than viscera.

  2. I'll second anyone recommending Pitch Black. I see more people talking about Chronicles of Riddick being a disappointment then people talking about Pitch Black being awesome. I'm not sure how cult it is, but it's terribly underrated. Just the cinematography alone makes it worth watching.

  3. I mean from what I heard before watching it I though it was like you know, she's not just a psycho she's just very traumatized. From what it looks, she's traumatized no doubt, but it really feels like she's just being a psycho on purpose

  4. Are you not seeing the hallucinations she's experiencing? The flashbacks? Those scribbles and scratches that appear on the screen during her scenes, the skipping around like an old VHS tape? That's not there for the hell of it, it's a representation of how she experiences the world. She's unwell. Even in her most stable moments she's not quite living in the same world as everyone else. When she gets stressed all her symptoms get worse. The hallucinations, paranoia, externalization of her trauma and abandonment. You can't really reason with her in that state because she isn't reasonable.

  5. DOTA could be good if they would just do longer runtimes for the episodes. The pacing for that show is ridiculous, they don't give any scenes room to breathe.

  6. I got through the first season of it and while I liked a lot of what it offered, I just couldn't follow it anymore. So much stuff happening just to happen, so many characters with not enough depth or motivation, so much cosmic crap going on that gets literally no explanation. You're right that the pacing killed it for me.

  7. Well the absolute last thing you want is to have a brief and slightly uncomfortable conversation with your kids. That MUST NOT be allowed to happen.

  8. I can't argue a person's subjective experience or feelings about the show, obviously. But his assertions about the show are pretty ill-informed. He says that Arcane isn't for him, but for people who are more into power fantasy and exciting flashy action it's probably great.

  9. SunsetSharkbite has more great Violyn stories than any other writer I know. They even managed to do the impossible and write an omegaverse story I like.

  10. Cattle rustling and impersonating a member of the clergy. I think that's it.

  11. Jinx isn't a murderer per say. She is a killer. My distinction is... She kills the firelights as her job, the cops die in an explosion, and her killing Silco was more manslaughter by reason of temporary insanity. I don't see Jinx pulling a Silco and stabbing someone in the back, or plotting their death, killing in cold blood.

  12. Did you miss the part where she plotted Caitlyn's death? And built an army of mobile bombs? And blew up a room full of people who didn't even see it coming?

  13. I just had a thought - isn't the 1998 Godzilla a better Jurrasic Park movie than any actual Jurrasic Park sequel?

  14. You're right about all that. The movie still sucks though. The thematic heart is there, it's just too bad it's at the center of a poor script populated by dumb and bad characters.

  15. In stages. At first sight Caitlyn probably noticed that Vi is totally hot but she was a dangerous convict. I think it never occurs to her that Vi could be a romantic option until Vi calls her a hot cupcake. That was probably an eye-opening moment.

  16. Omg Batman is the perfect name for him, that's hilarious and adorable. Hidorable.

  17. Gah those eyes are so adorable! He looks like he needs all the cuddles. I bet he uses that to his advantage all the time.

  18. I might be wrong but I seem to remember an establishing shot outside The Last Drop that showed the chemtanks in the area. Even if I am wrong it's pretty clear they were there as guards. After the shimmer refinery was smashed Silco probably brought some tanks in as an extra precaution.

  19. Everything Ambessa says is tactical. She's trying to push Jayce into developing hextech weapons for her to use, so her goal in the conversation is to move him towards that end.

  20. Lions fan checking in. Yea disappointment is standard. If we win ANY game it's like we won a championship lol

  21. For a Lions fan it's more like cold, empty resignation to utter futility. Any spark of expectation is snuffed out by losing a 20 point lead in the 4th quarter or an abominable officiating decision that costs a game. It's the inevitability of death by entropy.

  22. That’s a Swiss Grey. Their know for their neutral attitude and are purrticularly good at sitting on fences!!!

  23. Behind every successful man there is a woman

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