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  1. It's funny i was going to log in for my final match of overwatch this was around 15 minutes before servers were actually supposed to go down and i never could have my last match. F

  2. They are being converted 1 for 1 into another currency that can be used to buy cosmetics in OW2, from what I understand though the cost will increase in OW2 so is there is anything you want that's in the game now it's cheaper to buy it in OW1 than OW2.

  3. More specifically the she/her they/them thing i have never encountered anyone who uses it seriously in real life, and I don't really care for it either.

  4. AirLink and SkyLink still run. 100 goes from St Andrew Square and 200 from Ocean Terminal

  5. Ah thanks I'm looking at the 200 since it's closest but there doesn't seem to be any running at very late hours

  6. Last 200 is midnight, first 200 is 04:10, gets to the airport 04:52.

  7. Ah OK I think that might be my best bet thanks

  8. Guys reddit keeps removing an update about a certain blue book social media site in which the name of this building is listed Kirkgate House I put up a post there.

  9. Please share to spread awareness it could be a big help as I'm trying to email the council and the bustards have now blocked me.

  10. Withhold your rent. You can legally do this if you’re property is in a state of disrepair in the uk. Contact citizens advice if you don’t believe me

  11. Trust me dude I tried that and ended up with 2000 pounds in debt what I worry is that they will evict and then get it repaired for the next tenement which is a very assholy thing I wouldn't put past this council of doing

  12. I personally main doom and I can see the frustration when going up against a beast of a doom but he never feels unfair to play against, his cool downs can be long and if you mess up your combo you are left stranded like a piñata and become an ult battery. Also McCassidy or any other stun heroes like brig can make life hell for him.

  13. A guy looking for love on the 16th floor of a building? Let's hope he's successful.

  14. Yeah lol I feel bad for it so I'm just leaving it alone

  15. Also be careful around the meadows especially at night. Just as a precaution its an open park area with almost zero lighting.

  16. I'd say for me at least would be Games that i never ended up playing i literally bought a bunch of games such a hitman 3, watchdogs legion and godfall and got bored of them pretty quick so ijust ended up trading them in for a OLED switch.

  17. The raimi spider-man trilogy watched them since childhood and owned on 4k.

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