Non-idiot Twitter bull makes bold case for imminent news

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  1. $45 is a ridiculous acquisition price when he could simply buy in the open market for 1/15 of that literally right now.

  2. That's exactly how it works. There is no good reason, I repeat, zero reasons to believe Icahn would buy the company, much less at such an inflated price. What is this belief based on?

  3. Great, show me a link on how you believe purchasing stock is how you takeover a company that's distressed. If IEP were to take over it would be an asset purchase which far exceeds the current share price.

  4. All CTB indicates is that there is very high demand to short the stock, to the point people are willing to pay an insane interest rate to short it. At this point you have 2 groups, those that think it's going bankrupt in the very short term, and those that think they are going to figure out a way to stay alive, via acquisition or finding a new line of credit. Either way both sides are holding their breath for news.

  5. Short and distort. They don't even know if BK is on the table... nobody does.

  6. This point is just bullshit though because an m&a would also require shareholder approval and can't happen without public knowledge. Large public companies don't have simultaneous sign and close mergers...

  7. That's wrong. Plenty of companies require just board approval for an M&A.

  8. I'm literally an M&A attorney. You need stockholder approval to sell a corporation.

  9. So does anyone know who Ben Rosenzweig is connected to? Would that likely be the company involved in the M&A?

  10. Why don’t you redo your example with current published CTB rates

  11. I did it's in the comments but I may have to edit the post.

  12. Yeah, I’m gonna have to step in. If CTB wasn’t an issue, hedge fund managers could care less and consider it a cost of business, as opposed to variable that diminishes return and could potentially end in utter disaster if one shred of good news is released.

  13. Not the formula in question... its the x shares that is in question lol

  14. You're a wild one to say the least. See you tomorrow simp lol.

  15. FTDs from when? What’s the settlement date of FTDs anyhow? I have yet to find a concrete timeframe for this.

  16. Soooo how do we explain the stocks the had a mini squeeze back in Jan before that Chinese shit stock got listed ??

  17. Thanks, man, appreciate it! Concise answer I was looking for.

  18. isn’t it Wednesday since Monday is off? Which is nice, a short trading week going into the 20th calls

  19. IMHO BBBY is a play to squeeze. I'm buying that ask! Roll baby roll!

  20. Anybody calculate the impairment value of BBBY? That will be the tell tale sign.

  21. I take no view of what's going to happen at all. As I stated, people throw M&A around as a buzzword and have no clue what they are talking about.

  22. I completely agree. If anything material were to happen it will be after the 10th. Then the correct filings would take place. I say after the 10th due to potential partners and/or investors to gauge whether they would like to add BBBY to their portfolios. For that matter even a purchase of its subsidiaries. I'm ready for the rollercoaster. Thanks for a great explanation.

  23. Correction: 11 trading days between peaks, not the beginning of explosive upward movement. In most cases, the explosive upward movement in $BBBY begins immediately following HKD's rise, but peaks in 11 trading days after HKD peaks. So, if HKD peaked today, then that means $BBBY would begin its run now and would reach new highs on January 19th.

  24. I would venture to say it's t+10 based off of correlation. Will it happen, who knows. However I'm enjoying the roller coaster ride!

  25. Even without the M&A we should still see a pump. With the M&A, do you foresee them deferring the cycles as much as possible and a eventual peak 150 days from M&A?

  26. I don't believe the M&A matters being that the entire basket is part of the swap. So with that being said deferring for a single ticker is not possible. The cycle for deferrment can only be deferred once due to settlement of said position which is the basket if I'm correct. If biggysmallz is correct with regards to the correlation between HKD and BBBy then that puts the settlement date on January 19th.

  27. Maybe Icahn doesn't want a Hertz 2.0 on his hands. I think he learned his lesson and is ready for redemption with BBBY.

  28. Sue Gove, President & CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond said, “We have a clear vision for the future of the company. Today’s announcement underscores the importance of having initiated a turnaround at the start of the third quarter and why we strengthened our leadership team to execute each step with precision. Our plan has two anchors: the first enables us to refocus merchandising and inventory, operate more efficiently, and grow our digital and omni-capabilities, and the second focuses on strengthening our financial position. Transforming an organization of our size and scale requires time, and we anticipate that each coming quarter will build on our progress.”

  29. Preliminary Financial Results The estimated results in this press release represent the Company’s preliminary estimates of certain financial results for the three months ended November 26, 2022, based on currently available information.

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