1. I can’t help but feel that calling cops pigs is insulting to pigs.

  2. Nah. Pig pigs are good, when they're properly managed and controlled. All sorts of positives to having Pigs round. Same is true for law enforcement.

  3. Anyone who uses the term "liberals" when building a strawman about the left is obviously stupid enough to be a fascist.

  4. For me that moment happened when I watched Rise of Skywalker.

  5. Failed to develop the hereditary magic that was expected, and banished so as not to further weaken or pollute the bloodline.

  6. Skill issues are not admitted in this court, appealed

  7. I wasn't banished there by a court, I was banished by my family. It's not technically killing me, but it is sending me somewhere (as far as they know) I'll never be able to return from. I didn't get "processed in" if such a thing happens here, I just popped into the middle of a common / open area one day.

  8. Honestly I don't care for either of these. I don't care for the green of the Bayverse one, and the creepy grinning red skull on the other one's tummy is off-putting.

  9. One person introduces legislation that will not pass.

  10. A few, yeah. Beast Wars Inferno, Animated Lugnut. You could make an argument for Prime Soundwave. Tarn.

  11. Didn't Prime Soundwave basically kill himself for a while?

  12. He erases his mind / memories rather than let them be compromised by the Autobots when he was captured and unable to escape.

  13. It's one of many terms created by black activists turned into a slur by the right wing hate machine.

  14. Toner and developer powder can get wet if you have high humidity. Had to fix a bunch of those.

  15. You can workaround a failing pickup roller by lying to your computer about your paper weight. Go into the printer configuration and tell it you're using heavyweight paper, and it'll apply more power to the pickup roller and be able to pick up paper again.

  16. The biggest hurdle for me is navigating the storefronts. There are so many manufacturers and sellers, and if you don't already know the maker and the not-technically-violating-copywrite name they're using for it, it's a massive slog to look for something.

  17. Nice concept. Reminds me a bit of Dyna Soldier's cannon mode from the Gridknight Kaiser configuration.

  18. "The world" isn't out to get me, the capitalist hellscape I'm trapped in is.

  19. $100 for 20 - 25 hours of work? 20 hours would make that $5 an hour. 25 hours would make it $4 an hour.

  20. What's the source for the top right image? The mecha-rex one.

  21. SSSS Dynazenon. Sequel series to SSSS Gridman, which was itself a revival/adaptation of the old live action Sentai style show Gridman which was adapted for the US Power Rangers style as Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, hense the SSSS in the anime titles.

  22. Who is that man and why does he look like the disguise Megamind uses to pretend he's Titan's space dad?

  23. That's Roger Ebert, super famous film-critic of the previous century, best known as part of the long-running duo "Siskel and Ebert"

  24. No, this is a very accurate depiction, not strawmen.

  25. Suffer and die for the profits of the owner class!

  26. You don't have to be trans to take ownership of your identity.

  27. The capitalist overlord thing is so true. Some people on Social media would rather eat the middle class sooner than they would eat the actual wealthy.

  28. If you support yourself by working, you're in the working class.

  29. My first DM repeatedly deployed a cursed girdle of gender-swapping. Just being in the room with it (once we were smart enough not to touch it) would cause it to permanently bond to the chosen player's flesh and alter their form.

  30. It's hard to maintain a friendship with someone when you don't have shared values.

  31. Which is again an old people thing, assuming young people don't understand basic cultural touchpoints.

  32. Yes, since that's accurate and not both wrong and stupid like your initial "Peter doesn't know what Star Wars is" claim.

  33. Nope, that's the mistake everyone makes. If we take out balancing on stuff, everything they do is Athletics.

  34. I'm sorry, but you're wrong. They are, quite literally, Acrobats.

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