I wish women wouldn't gold dig

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

You deserve a smooch


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  1. Studying. I’ve tried for years and even if I get a good grade on the test I just can’t ever see myself enjoying studying.

  2. I always study to get good grades, never to learn like, quench my curiosity. I did that once but at this point, I just want to pass.

  3. Anime, imo, tried time and time again w no success

  4. some things people can't just get into, I respect that. Could be the animation style or something else, oh well it's valid.

  5. This is not true and is another aspect of overuse of antibiotics.

  6. Bro that reminds me I should hang out with the homes more

  7. The Sami people have something similar, although more focused on winter.

  8. It's actually three, same as any other country too close to the equator to have 4. Rainy, cold, and hot.

  9. Welp, I'm never mowing my lawn again

  10. "The sight of butterflies flocking onto the heads of yellow-spotted river turtles in the western Amazon rain forest is not uncommon, at least if one is able to sneak up on the skittish reptiles. But the reason why butterflies congregate onto the turtles may be stranger than you think: to drink their tears.

  11. I don’t think he was credited in the movie. He part was brief

  12. As per the time line you mentioned, there are two movies with Anju Ghosh during that time, being "Boro Bhalo Lol Chilo" in 1982, and "Chondon Diper Raj Konna" in 1984

  13. There is a movie named rong bodol, but it doesn't match any of the description you provided

  14. If you have Facebook, try to post there as well if you haven't. There are certain groups that might do that.

  15. But in all honesty, that's something I, along with mostly everyone else I believe, is afraid of.

  16. I don't know if you believe in an afterlife, I know I don't, but what comforts me is that even if we die and return to the void, there won't be any pain or sadness anymore. I feel like it would almost be cozy. You just float through nothing until... maybe you're reincarnated, maybe you go to to a better place, maybe you just disappear, who knows. Either way, I don't see death as a bad thing. It's just how life eventually ends. That's why we should cherish what we have and make the most out of everything :)

  17. That is an extremely beautiful way of looking at death. It made me thought about it a little and in a way calmed be a bit.

  18. This looks like a metal album cover

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