1. Big mify boobs are quite popular. Especially natural ones. There are quite a few communities that are fans on here. Without being able to review them I’d say your partner probably is a fan of what you have.

  2. I get it. Vader does have a lot of personality. Sauron is more of a mood.

  3. Started from the bottom, now we're here points to top of shelf, the far left.

  4. Old school Fallout (pre-Bethesda) survival RPG with a third person view and aesthetic that meshes Fallout, Red Dead and Max Max. Take narrative/dialogue interaction cues from Fallout, Mass Effect, Telltale and Dragon’s Quest. The game could be one of the earliest cycles of Roland’s quest and you can replay it for different outcomes based on your path/choices/interactions with NPCs. The book cycle is one that’s thousands of tries after the game. BOTW/Elden ring difficulty.

  5. I loved that reveal, partially because of the unexpected twist and partially because I like visiting Cincinnati and am glad it still exists in trek.

  6. Cinci is amazing! Meanwhile the Cleave can suck it!

  7. I assume Miles got the station online again offscreen… But yes, it was nice to check in on everyone. Especially that chatterbox Morn.

  8. I used to hate it because it’s such a hard gear shift from The Wasteland’s cliffhanger. But now, it’s one of my favorite entires specifically because it works as a stand alone story.

  9. I've always had a pet theory that gunslinger tactics (i.e. very accurate gunfire from individuals/small teams) evolved from how rare ammunition was in Roland's world. There aren't factories upon factories churning out bullets by the millions, so it makes sense that their training would emphasize economy of ammunition over almost everything else.

  10. Confidence and basic hygiene. Get out of your head and enjoy life. It’s sexy.

  11. Speakers connections as others have said and those things can be expensive if you buy them individually. I use to tell my boss to not bother with them but they in theory create a cleaner look but it’s not worth it imo even for the customer. You have to cut the wires strip them, make sure they aren’t shorting and then connect the face plate, only to have terminate jumpers that are still probably going to be just as visible as just putting a “hide-a-port” on instead of a faceplate and now you can leave a proper service loop and jam any extra slack back into the wall cavity.

  12. You okay? I’m sorry this happened to you. That someone hurt you. You’re loved. You’re valued. I’m not being sarcastic or trying to be humorous. I really do hope you’re doing better. Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing. I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

  13. I’ve found so much great music through the series, both music that inspired King and that was inspired by him. I have a whole playlist dedicated to songs featured the the series, inspired by the series, and songs that remind me of the series (all ordered in a chronological way that I feel conveys the overarching story). There’s just something about anything that surrounds the Dark Tower that feels so special.

  14. Jeffrey Tambor in Hellboy: never light a cigar with a lighter, you have to use a wooden match to preserve the flavour.

  15. Death, but not for you, gunslinger. Never for you.

  16. Keith “Goliath” David or David “Hellboy” Harbour.

  17. She’s so dumb. Yet so hot. It’s maddening.

  18. Thanks y’all, I honestly don’t know what to do because as far as family goes, it’s his family. My sister died, my dads dead, my mom might as well be dead, and he’s slowly Alienated all of my friends now that I think about it. I don’t know if he even realizes that he does it. He hasn’t hit me in a long time. But when I found these things out I had to say something, I was about to explode and I guess I got too comfortable because he hadn’t in so long…he choked me out like twice and my ear got crushed which still hurts, 27 days later and I was more sore from that than any of the other times. He never even says sorry, just that it’s the only thing I understand. My old self, the confident, take no bullshit woman is used to be is under there somewhere hiding, I just really don’t want to not see my granddaughter be born. Or go to a homeless shelter, but being played for a cool is making me doubt my sanity somewhat. Like is it even possible for me to start over? With not a dime to my name and nowhere to go? And that’s assuming I make it to wherever. I’d deal with it if I thought I could ever be enough for him but the constant wondering who he’s talking to is killing me…I really thought I had found my place in the world, on our little farm in the country and his family is so awesome, I’ve never had that kind of unity in my life. Losing them will suck and I could never bring myself to tell them why I had to leave, none of it. So I’d really be all alone, 40, no car, no job, nothing. We share a bank account but I can’t take anything from him. I’ve tried to give him my card but he won’t take it.

  19. He isolated you on purpose. That’s what abusive people do. Isolate you in order to foster dependency on them. That isolation and dependency is weaponized to keep you under his thumb feeling trapped.

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