1. Wild things, but he definitely doesn’t have $1,025,000,000 as far as I know

  2. How low do you guys see this going before it spikes again?

  3. Bro I think the company is gonna drop this bomb right on the opening fucking bell. Seems like they’re going for maximum impact, maximum shock👀

  4. I’ll name names he’s made his own community. It’s mistakesnmoney who owns 1.1m shares total.

  5. I’ve heard this approximately 300 times in 4 months.

  6. I’m actually down $12,000, Mike. It doesn’t feel like I’m about to not be down $12,000.

  7. Bullshit. Scary time and they ban the top dog lol

  8. This sub has become an echo chamber can't have any other view apart from it's going to rip bro

  9. It’s very scary and it makes me less confident in my investment in all honesty. It’s sad when I can only be scared with the close friends I’ve made along the way and not in a post or comments.

  10. Honestly we need someone to make a write up with all the illegal activity going on with our stock that is well written so we can all share it all over social media and start sending letters to the government if we can get enough people spreading the message it might cause them to enforce the rules. I know it’s a long shot but it’s beyond ridiculous how much crime is being committed

  11. I’d sleep a lot better if I was a little less in the red, Sue

  12. My dyslexic ass finally read the “to” in your statement after 15 reads. I downvoted you because I thought you were telling me to cash out now then wondered why other people were upvoting you. Maybe I should go back to the eye doctors after all

  13. Just read through the 8-k. It's almost as if they knew the price would get driven down leading them to lower the price threshold to $1. Why would an investment firm be ok taking on more risk unless they knew something we didn't. It's like they are us right now, buying the dip 🤣🤣

  14. Big if true. I’d love to see a takeover where they go “hey we own 70% of all common shares” and then the warrants they hold don’t even matter

  15. Honestly, is there any other way than dilution to bring the price from 20$ to 1$

  16. Lord free me from this nightmare and I'll never look at a meme stock again.

  17. I pray this every night while also praying for a share price of $250+ and to squeeze

  18. Man, all due respect to your mother, happy birthday from now and all that but…

  19. If we see price action she’ll get her gift the week after

  20. Exercised 5 calls I bought last week, 3/17 $1. Gonna have to update The Brand and Eggloserboy

  21. Do I blow my load now and go all in at 1.41 or will it dip around 11? No clue because I want as many shares as possible

  22. Jesus Christ, $761.80 would give me $125k a year in passive income after I sell

  23. I feel you there, $1000 waiting in my account and now it’s a 200 share difference

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