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  1. Trial of ascendency spawn rate is uneven for the different trials and they only need 1 more trial for Uber lab but haven't seen it in 200+ maps (really only 30 maps)

  2. Hard to tell how tanky this will actually be with half completed items. Obviously it'll be different once you get actual defensive mods on gear, with defensive flasks. But I think you'll struggle some with physical and chaos hits. Once Steelskin goes on cooldown, and without arctic armor, your max phys hit looks spooky.

  3. Spell suppression will be capped after the tree changes take effect. Agreed on other points. I played spectral throw this league and largely relied on mechanical skills, hoping that works well enough here

  4. The charge node is really cool in my opinion. Pick up an accumulator wand for spellcasters and you have almost permanent charge generation. 2 of them and I think it should be permanent. 30 second charge duration from the +200%, so if you get a perfect rotation of frenzy, power, endurance charge then it's permanent. Then grab charge mastery that gives % inc damage per charge. With 3 power, 3 end, 5 frenzy it's a lotta damage. There's also eldritch implicits on body armor that give a charge every 15 seconds at the worst roll - which means one of permanent end/power/frenzy charge for that one implicit. I am using the ascendency to scale cold damage via ice bite support (7 -9 frenzy charges depending on gear/anoint). I get frenzy and power charges through ass mark on bosses, otherwise on kill from mapping. Doing spell supp cap from tree, evasion, ghost shrouds, life/es leech spell caster.

  5. They did. GGG just intentionally spits in your face and the community still makes excuses. They want you to spend 3 months until you can afford a well rolled unique.

  6. I don't see the problem at all. It just changes the way the game is going to be played. They do that every 3-4 months anyways

  7. Flicker slayer and pray that i can get redtrail asap

  8. Last I tried red trail slayer flicker the bleeds would last longer than leech, and often you die after running out of mobs to hit. Not sure if anything has changed but I haven't tried it again since. If you are committed to self bleed there are ways to get unaffected by bleed, but it's a tradeoff of course. Malevolence watchers eye is one such example. Hope this helps

  9. A few ideas: move faster in general - you look very relaxed throughout the entire thing, which is fine because you are comfortable until the last move - just give it more power and it looks like it would stick. Or- swap feet and the body position looks better for reaching the last hold

  10. I have a 90lb German Shepherd and when playing tug of war he sometimes does that thing where he violently shakes his head back and fourth and I’m convinced if I don’t let go of the rope that I’d break my wrist. Dogs are insanely strong and the react way faster. Way too many people assume they’d beat a dog in a fight because dogs are so nice and rarely display their full strength.

  11. Yeah my French bulldog could probably rip off my foot if she wanted to. She's ridiculously strong, can't get any toys away from her

  12. It's not gonna stop me from playing the game, but I was hoping for more melee related changes. Spell suppression changes are actually pretty nice in my opinion

  13. Some dude I've never met randomly started spotting me while I was climbing at my usual place. He was like "Don't worry man I've got you" and I was like "Please don't spot me" and he just kept doing it. I was thinking to myself "what the fuck" but just walked away after. I was not even 5 feet off the ground and the floor is pads. I haven't seen him since

  14. Is it possible to heel hook the right crescent hold, push off the wall/shitty foot with left foot, and static it? Cool move though

  15. I am truly aghast at that statement. All techniques are sexy, don't technique shame static climbers.

  16. Is the first foothold in the white good enough for a hand? If I had access to this I'd definitely want to use that for some unintended purposes

  17. Hmm, that's interesting. For the second example you gave, poedb actually has an incorrect order. I found an old comment that points this out -

  18. Uhm.. cool but pob already exists? the purpose of this is to save me 30 seconds max?

  19. I couldn't find anything like what I wanted, but please do share if you are aware of something specific.

  20. Lol is this some elaborate ad? You can totally get a few pizzas from dominos for $20, just use the coupons

  21. I see people saying it's not cheating - which I think is true. But I often hear this being called 'cheating up the problem'. But it's more of a climbing specific term in this case. It's not like you are doing something wrong, this is a really common strategy and it's an effective way to spend your energy

  22. If the hand holds are even remotely positive then it's very soft

  23. Wait, am I supposed to be starting with my feet on the floor? I’ve been starting with my feet on the holds on the bottom and it’s very difficult

  24. The camera doesn't show it but the dude has his feet established on foot holds on a kick board

  25. Cast on death discharge can handle eater and exarch basically no problem. It's also cheap to gear out a friend as a mine support to give you a lot more damage. It practically doesn't even touch your budget though, so you can probably do something a bit more well rounded

  26. I'm not above cheezing down uber bosses at a rapid rate...what bosses does CoD farm best? I hear there are some it can't do? ....Uber shaper /w the extra side zones?

  27. That's correct - its limitations is the number of portals you have. So if a boss has forced phases or just flat out too much hp for your level of gearing then you can't do it. At minimum levels of investment, you can one shot Uber eater/exarch when they have effectively at least 2x hp (whether it be through mods, or an additional player in the zone). So the damage is in the billions just for one hit. But shaper has effectively 8 or 9 phases, so there's just no chance you can kill him in his realm. But in an invitation there's no phases, so you're good. Some more examples of bosses you can't kill: cortex, Uber elder. I haven't tried Uber Sirus, but it would be close if it's possible

  28. Tytykiller has very informative videos, but they aren't exactly guides.

  29. Check out tytykiller on YouTube. He is a racer, and has (long) videos of him leveling on every class

  30. Is it possible to give your minions herald of fire? It seems like the prolif would help clear quite a lot given the overkill damage.

  31. Maybe if you equip gravebind you can get kill credit and proc the prolif?

  32. I've only been climbing once a week for about 6 weeks now and one thing I noticed is that after climbing all of my fingers are sore for the next few days (sometimes not even 100% fully recovered by the next climbing session a week later). I'd say only my thumbs are not feeling any pain but all 4 of the other fingers are, on both hands.

  33. This doesn't sound like tendonitis to me, but I'm not sure what it is or if it's even a problem. Kinda depends: where is the pain? In your joints? Do you warm up before climbing or do you just go straight in to the hardest stuff you can climb? Do you think it could be arthritis? I'm not an expert or medical professional, if it's enough of a problem I'd recommend seeing one

  34. This can only happen if you don't stick it, just stick it and you're fine lol

  35. Probably preparing for next league start. We don't know whether recombinators will be in the game, and if they are how accessible they will be

  36. Doryanis sets enemy lightning resistance to yours, so unless you are self cursing/cursing AG with equipped doryanis, the -lightning res from those curses is useless

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