1. very nice work. Just a shame, that it is this way, given the size of the actuall Station

  2. I expect most of the station is filled with hanger and ship storage space. A bit like a large car ferry only really has a relatively small amount of space dedicated to people.

  3. Congratulations. I recently got mine and it was definitely worth the effort. What are your plans for it?

  4. Planning to finally hit the Elite rank in trading. Then turn it into a mobile base for all my ships and go into the darkness of space

  5. I’ve taken mine out into the black and am making good money on exobio. I went from Elite Trade to Elite V mining platinum to pay for the carrier. It was my first proper go at mining - I’ve had enough of mining now and only plan to mine tritium from now on!

  6. An afternoon’s work yesterday, 500ly from bubble, all first footfall - 250M credits exobio rewards. Maybe not the fastest way to make credits, but relaxing and safe, perfect for me.

  7. Strange. I’ve had an iPhone since the 4 and never had a problem caused by cache. What do you mean by crazy?

  8. app nowadays gets heavier and heavier where processors can't keep up. Compare to the apps when 4 came out. Iykwim

  9. What I meant was I have plenty of iPhone experience, I’ve had nearly every iPhone since the 4 and none of them have ever had a cache related problem. If it’s one particular app you’re having problems with uninstall it, leave it a while and then reinstall it… solves the problem 9 times out of 10.

  10. Alternatively, see if GeForceNOW is a workable solution. I switched after FDev dropped Mac support.

  11. When I’ve landed in a blue zone and out of the ship, I use the external camera at a high elevation, looking down, to help me locate what I’m looking for. This is especially useful to find bacterium which can be difficult to spot when on the ground. Alternatively, fly low with the external camera on.

  12. I’m on the lowest paid tier and have never had to wait even once since I signed up over 2 years ago.

  13. no I mean when I tried, if I was idle more than 5 min (long travels, browsing fitting websites, etc) I was disconnected. Then the very long loading screen again....

  14. I think it’s a bit longer than that… possibly nearer 10. If I’m playing on my Mac I’ve got a utility that simulates a mouse move or keystroke every few minutes if I haven’t done it for 5 minutes, so not an issue - but I wouldn’t rely on it for a trip to Hutton Orbital! I’ve been been thinking of putting something mechanical together for when I’m playing on my Samsung TV.

  15. Just ordered a usb ‘mouse jiggler’ to see if that works. Didn’t even know that was a thing.

  16. I’m almost certain there isn’t a log that can help you, but I’m also almost certain that your iPhone hasn’t been hacked.

  17. Now try refitting your T9 for laser mining and go find some platinum hotspots. It was boring as hell, but earned me the billions needed for a fleet carrier. It took me almost a month, but I’m now out in the black doing exploration - the thing I love the most.

  18. thanks for the tip, however, I have found exobiology as the best way to earn credits while still having fun. If I grind, I can make 100 to 120M per hour

  19. Exo is my favourite too, but mining was the quickest way to get my carrier. I now take my carrier into the black for first footfall exo.

  20. In one system alone I earned 150m from 3 or 4 planets. All first footfall and that makes a huge difference to earnings.

  21. Accept it - you can’t make it go away. Learn to live with it. Yes, it’s not easy. I’ve lived with it for long enough, but you can’t expect people to like you for who you are until you like yourself for who you are. It’s difficult to like someone who is constantly angry and frustrated at the world.

  22. Had mine for a couple of weeks now. I don’t regret it. Back in the black now and it’s great to have all my ships and modules with me. If I want to take a break from exploring I can just jump in my T9 and mine a newly discovered ring for a bit, before heading out for a bit more exploring. I can cash in my explo/exo data on my carrier to cover costs, and little risk of losing data by doing something stupid.

  23. I'd love to get a carrier to support my exploration, but I only just got to Colonia after being in the middle of nowhere for over a year (I play pretty irregularly.) I couldn't even tell you when I was last in the Bubble, it's been ages.

  24. In a single system I explored today I earned 150M which I cashed in and added to my carrier account. Enough to keep my carrier afloat for over 2 months.

  25. I’ve never had more than 6, but have come across a few of those. Usually it’s just 1 or 2 though and the single ones I come across recently are bacteria 9 times out of 10, which can be a little annoying.

  26. Yeah I have usually bacteria too. I think thats how generating works that at first there has to be bacteria before else (makes sense).

  27. Just this minute found my first 7 signals. Now I’ve just got to find them all on the planet.

  28. With regards to work, I totally sympathise. I’m quite a bit older than you and have been on a constant cycle of failed employment. I’m not currently working (health issues unrelated to autism), but now I have my diagnosis, I’m hoping things will be better when I restart work. Because I’m officially diagnosed now, I can ask for reasonable adjustments with any future employers. Where I live there has to be a very good reason for them not to make these adjustments - I appreciate that this is not necessarily the case in some parts of the world. I have an autism support worker who is compiling a list of these, with explanations, that I can provide to employers, and I’m hoping this will make a difference and help break the cycle.

  29. I think it depends more on how much of that experience is autism based and how current their knowledge and understanding is. There have been some quite shocking stories on here of both psychologists and therapists who display a very outdated understanding of autism.

  30. So if Refuel is on for 20 minutes to refuel my scoopless mining ship, I’m just paying full upkeep for those 20 minutes?

  31. I think you need to find a therapist who actually knows what they’re talking about. Autism and anxiety, as well as depression, have a high comorbidity rate and any therapist worthy of the title should know this.

  32. Only a positive experience for me. Work accommodations will be a big plus when I restart work.

  33. Mine doesn’t rumble on any game I’ve tried. I don’t think it will at the moment.

  34. I only received the payment a couple of days ago. I was wondering what it was for so I guess that’s explained now.

  35. I’ve had Macs for as long as I can remember. The only game I play used to have a Mac version but it was dropped. I now get my regular fix with GeForceNOW on my Mac, iPhone or TV. Couldn’t justify the expense of getting a gaming PC in addition to the MacBook I prefer using on a daily basis.

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