1. No it's not? Would just make him a higher dimensional being,not the unlimited fallacy (also I'm not saying I agree with it,I'm just saying if they bring up Alex's stuff Discord is fucked).

  2. I doubt that they mention anything regarding Alex since as I said it contradicts his own series this is the same case as with Alien X. while Discord has the opposite, not only does he surpass Bill in power, speed and special abilities there are also affirmations that are conscious in the series, comics, novels, collectible cards. Jim Miller confirmed that Discord exists on different planes of reality that he has access to realities and not realities but rather openly confirmed that Discord is an almost omnipotent creature which is reinforced by all the mlp material it is easy to assume that Discord has everything to gain this battle

  3. Yeah, Death Battle last time used it for the Truth Seeking Orbs. But thats okay, Madara is a Naruto character. Its allowed for them. NLF for thee but not for me. :(

  4. You heard about George Washington and the cherry tree?

  5. No since that's a myth. Which proves Madara wins since George Washington lost to a tree and he was a real person,so what hope does aizen have to chop down a much larger tree when he's a 2d character. Checkmate

  6. They changed at different times over the years. Range increased to 395 then explosive damage decreased. So apparently you have both on the higher range one best of both worlds lol. And the one with lower range someone rerolled and ruined the damage probably whoever you bought it from.

  7. Oh I just started like 3 weeks ago and just but Bpr because I like them XD. Also would that mean the gun would be worth anything since it's high on both ends or no since it's technically not a legacy/a 2*?

  8. It starts with D and rhymes with muplication glitch

  9. Does that.mean the one I want aren't viewed as duplication worthy? That's just sad

  10. I guess they meant tighter as in they prefer a linear story?

  11. But didn't 4 have a linear story? Mc's son gets kidnapped and wife is killed. Mc gets out of vault,goes to a city with a robot detective. Robot detective finds guy who did bad things,you kill him and across his memories. You find out son is alive and old af,also runs the Boogeyman. You choose what happens to the cw.

  12. Gogeta vs Vegeto. Even if it was a decent episode I hope they never do another same series fight (defeats the purpose)

  13. They can do another one, just not for the finale lmao

  14. I'd like it if it wasn't basically the same person with the same moveset (fight me). But that was almost the same character with a couple of different moves

  15. unpopular opinion,it is legitemately close. All of Coles (Good Cole that is,who is the canon route) crazy high end feats have counter arguments. Yes Cole wins,but its absolutely not a stomp.

  16. All of his high end feats are heavily amped by a temporary amp that he doesn't own. I hope they bring this up

  17. Sonic/Shadow/Silver's greatest feats are also based around some items they don't often have, but they always do during the Death Battle.

  18. But they're items they've held/owned for a time.Cole used it like 2 times and that's it. I don't think it's the same thing as a series main abilities

  19. I once hated Lola,now I fucking love her (doesn't help I learned who voiced her)

  20. Is your other riffle a commando ? Cause that's a heavy weapon that uses heavy cards tse is fun on those but still it's only worth a few thousand caps

  21. No the other rifle is a black powder and only does ~400. This just does double the damage for some reason. Exact same gun/perks

  22. I have a TSE15c BPR that also has double the damage compared to a TSEfms one I had. Someone told me its because those came from when they decided to change up the range and then two weeks later they patched to ability to get Legacy Explosive damage on them. So it was rolled sometime in that two week period.

  23. So because of a change it just has double the damage? Also does that mean it's worth anything? Bought this in a vending machine for 300 caps

  24. I love that even Garth Ennis was confused about the show since he thinks the comics were awful

  25. Even with equal speed Deku has his spider sense auto dodge and black whip to dictate the pace of the fight, more literally with the 2nd users quirk. Deku could also regain a speed advantage with charging the 3rd user's quirk. Deku lays hands on Thor and punches him across the horizon like All Might did the USJ Nomu.

  26. Which wouldn't hurt thor? Tanked a dying star and has an Asgardian bod? Seriously Deku can do shit to him that he hasn't experienced

  27. Thanos laid Thor out with some punches, and Thanos has never punched hard enough to change the weather, Deku has.

  28. Holy shit so the mad titan that beat the fuck outta Captain Marvel and the hulk like they were children is somehow an anti feat? Holy shit the copium is hilarious here.

  29. I agree but I think you meant galaxy instead of solar system dude. Solar systems only have 1 star.

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