1. I like the fact that you explain the point that the show tried to make as if you are some revolutionary free-thinker.

  2. I like the fact that your trying to be a dick head over me saying something a lot of people didn't get apparently due to the amount of posts and comments saying she's a bitch

  3. Yeah i really had to grind but it was awesome for xp

  4. It sucks I decided to come back right after it ended,I also hate that there's no way to go and play the old events through a download

  5. Hmm Lego Galactus and Fortnite Galactus. .......wait holy shit Fortnite Galactus is actually still stronger lmao

  6. Is there a fully fed Galactus? I know there's the Galactus in the Thor run but that one's dogshit and underwhelming. All that hype and died to that cosmic being thing and served as a hype man for Thor

  7. We haven't seen a fully fed Galactus yet,but his other versions show how bad that actually is. Lifebringer punched and defeated chaos very easily,that by itself is insane. In a semi fed stage he's been a threat to the entire marvel multiverse, multiple times. And that's the base feats for him. He has done so much shit it's not even funny (like how him and Mephisto was destroying the entire multiverse as a side effect from their fight).

  8. Someone shared that by using the versions of such events and changing the phone date allows to keep them running but nobody confirmed this so probably isnt the case

  9. I feel like that would actually work since older versions wouldn't use Internet so it wouldn't have any systems in place to actually check if the events are active

  10. Funny hearing this when so many people ranting about those "stupid debunkers" who just nitpicking DB for no reason, recently.

  11. That's what makes it funnier,he did a debunk video on one of the most dogshit researched episode vs correct/arguable eps XD

  12. Huh? He only critiques the show,and 99% of his critiques are completely valid. Ya some of them are very funny/small but they are still valid. And yes sometimes his critiques are weird or arguable,but name a single opinion he's given that doesn't have a valid argument

  13. Any time there's a bug error with the game they always say that they don't have the ability to send players items to compensate. You'd think they'd develop this at some point but no.

  14. I find that hard to believe,there's no way they can't just do a send all to players. Games that are far smaller have this feature so this makes me feel like they just don't care....

  15. Doubtful. There is no precedent for compensation and no mechanism in place to offer it.

  16. That's disheartening,even just giving 10ab would be enough to show they even care a little bit....

  17. If not Galactus vs Unicron, then Galactus vs Anti-Moniter.

  18. Spiral would shit on him for existing. Maybe Perpetua would work for him.

  19. Or the fact he lives in the 6th dimension (not 6d it's just called the 6th dimension) where magic and energy cannot exist. Spiral energy literally can't enter there he resides. It's another Thanos vs Darkseid,the second Spiral tries to go to his true form he can't use any of his abilities

  20. Was she? Also sorry but even if I was zoinked I wouldn't looked at my friend with a bar through chest and think anyone could've saved him XD

  21. What I meant was that she was really high and really drunk when she said that the vigilante killed Tommy, not when she saw Tommy‘s corpse.

  22. Galactus is unknown for casuals: is there any MCU movie with Galactus or tv show? Or maybe he is popular in memes? No? Then how, casuals who don't read comic books supposed to know him? From cartoons they didn't watched?From Fantastic Four movie in which he has almost no screen time?

  23. What? Galactus is one of the most well known comic characters. Your again acting like MCU is the only way casuals know anything. Also ya marvel Totally doesn't sells a hundred million physical comics a year,or comics aren't a multi billion dollar industry.

  24. What tf are you talking about? What you think Thanos was only known after the MCU? Or Ultron? Or any villain/character? Galactus is one of the most recognizable marvel characters to ever be created. But no the only way your popular is if you appear in the shitty Disney franchise.

  25. This set would be great for rolling nat 1's,at least they'll be attractive nat 1's

  26. We had Kyle vs Simon or Galactus Vs Unicron primed and ready. But get this limp noodle of a finale ....why did they choose this?

  27. Power scalers like Seththeprogrammer got legit salty that Popeye could solo all of Dragon ball on a livestream once

  28. 2/10 since it was more of a mystery and had better anticipation. Like if they revealed Deku you'd be like "oh shit is it going to be Gon or this or this" and then when it was revealed Asta it'd be "holy shit I didn't see that coming". And then you'd rethink about who's winning since you were thinking on Gon vs Deku. And this goes for every fight.

  29. I don’t usually participate in these types of conversations, but what does the “M” in “MTFL” stand for?

  30. I get Goku shitstomps Kratos,but God damn Kratos is far above Planetary. I hate wanked characters but everyone here acts like Kratos using raw strength to seal holes in the fabric of reality isn't above Planetary. Or that he scales to all of the Greek Gods feats since he killed most of them (like Zeus's atlas chain feat,Ares Pandora feat,etc).

  31. 110% Slade.Fae saved and taught him life saving things (specifically the medicine). But slade taught him how to fight, survive,and then gave him a real friend on the island. Before the Shado incident Slade genuinely gave Oliver another reason to live and even called him brother. And Oliver viewed Slade the same way.

  32. Hazbin Hotel is a musical drama series, not a fighting anime. If you're going into this series expecting it to be like Dragon Ball or My Hero Academia you are going to be very disappointed.

  33. I also want to add that I don't want it to be a fighting show with a shit ton of fights every episode. I like it for what it is,a musical drama with action scenes every once and awhile

  34. We've literally have gotten multiple good fight scenes/power sequences in the pilot? Angel and Cherry fighting Snake boi,Alastor dunking the blimp into the shadow realm and the short fights scenes in between. And the sister show Helluva has also given good fight scenes and power moments.

  35. how would turning off your credit card prevent you from getting into a skiing accident

  36. Even if it was a car it still wouldn’t help prevent a skiing accident but ok

  37. I hate how you're sounding serious and like a troll at the same time. I can't tell if you're being serious or not so 10/10

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