1. You're misunderstanding what BLM stands for. The black lives that matter are referring to the founders who get to spend the money on mansions for themselves 🤔

  2. A conversation about corruption and malfeasance and how people who feel irrational racial guilt for something they never did will BLINDLY or in the face of OVERWHELMING evidence, support organizations that allow them to feel that they are 'doing something!!!' to address racial or social issues but that either actually do absolutely nothing or actually make matter worse

  3. Sorry but I don't understand the question...

  4. Military pay is taxed the same as any other wage earner, civilian or government. What I'm proposing is to exempt that pay from Federal tax. Currently, you can not pay taxes on your military paycheck by serving in very specific zones but I think it should be extended world wide no matter where or what you're doing as long as you serve in the military

  5. I would personally love to see a bill that exempts all military (and Coast Guard) pay, bonus' and retirement from federal taxes PLUS any income (up to a certain amount...say $50k) for veterans who were honorably discharged.

  6. I have said for YEARS there needs to be a sarcasm font. It's not just the easily offended that need guard rails every once in a while. I've gotten into HUGE fights with some of my exes over it...

  7. With the technology of online shopping and instacart, she shouldn't be out in public like this if she is so traumatized.

  8. He'd have been tased and arrested and utterly destroyed online. His life would be ruined beyond repair.

  9. Speaking liberal-ese requires a lot of unnecessary words and phrases to hide your racism, bigotry and utter disdain of anyone not like you while seeming to deeply care for and admire them.

  10. Battle Mage Farmer actually qualifies

  11. Just try to get in to see certain specialities, or community care assistance. With all the run around you'll incur from the VA, you'll be fit before you know it.

  12. I know you're joking, but I wanted to say that I've been very fortunate with my local VA system (Hampton Roads Virginia). Despite having to go over the HRBT (if you know you know) to the hospital for anything major, the CBOC in Virginia Beach is great. It also has the additional benefit of being hidden, so most don't know where it is and it's never busy.

  13. I remember seeing somewhere a very well reasoned and insightful argument that Dwarves shouldn't have Scots accents, but should be Australian instead.

  14. He said he wanted to leave earth behind bc the Pal is his home now.

  15. Think about the manipulation abilities to improve or alter Earth plant life given magical manipulation. I'm thinking of the Kudzi plant from There Will Be Dragons by John Ringo.

  16. So? Rank is all that matters at the end of the day NCOs have to listen to LTs. If anything an LT should be a chihuahua, a dog who thinks hes top shit but is basically a uppity cat.

  17. I had a chihuahua that not only bossed around any other dogs he met, but also tried to get with ANY female canine we came across.

  18. There's also just something so baddass about flying by repeatedly launching yourself with explosions.

  19. Megaton from the Wearing the Cape series and Cannonball from X-men being the best examples I can think of

  20. Those are all great examples of the variety of effects a gravity based power could do. It’s honestly a very versatile power and with the kind of training Jason/the average user undergoes, it could allow for very tuned control of it.

  21. Vertigo is a hell of a thing. I have Positional Vertigo and if I tilt my head back too far or in certain other directions I'm useless for a good minute. That sort of thing in a fight?

  22. The MC in the Battle Mage Farmer series only has one spell, Fireball, but over the years has taught himself how to manipulate it into multiple forms to suit his purposes. He can cut or weld with it, change the shape into a sword or bolts, just use the heat to sear or scorch or even make it hot enough to melt stone.

  23. I didn't read any Malazan after that book. Was such a struggle to get through that I didn't feel compelled to move to the next immediately and next thing you know, it's 15 years later.

  24. It's worth it if you try again but be advised that the story and setting jumps around quite a bit, the cast of characters is insane and makes Martin look like an amateur, lots of stuff either doesn't get explained or does 3 books later.

  25. Is this because of the series as a whole or because of the end of that book in particular? I really found the end of Gardens to be pretty bad.

  26. I really meant how you get air dropped right into the middle of the story with absolutely no idea what's going on from the start. What are Warrens, who are these people, what's going on here, what, who, where, why, etc.

  27. They have not. I have been just bookmarking the video and putting it in a folder. If you have the brave browser for iOS, they have a custom playlist feature. You might be able to add rumble videos onto that. I cant test it because I have android. If you have any other questions, check out the rumbleforum subreddit. I answer all question about rumble over there.

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