1. What is an apocalypse without some zombies?

  2. Been waiting for this!! The last two were epically good. Is epically a word? the story and the characters and the world you've created. Please keep going.

  3. It’s rough out there. I might have to get back in if it goes under $1. I sold months ago. Good luck.

  4. Top Ten by Alan Moore. It's a comic trade paperback but given that it's Alan Moore, the writing is top notch, the art is cool, the setting is crazy and half the fun is analyzing the background to find the Easter eggs.

  5. Why is NO ONE mentioning how cool the various descriptions of the fantasy prosthesis are?!

  6. I always thought it was because they wanted it to be a trilogy for whatever reason

  7. Yeah, I meant they misjudged the time necessary to beat the tower and just forced it

  8. You might like Challenger's Call, which has a harem-like set-up without overdoing it. The main character is helping a goddess who is split into multiple separate personalities with their own bodies. There's no sex, though (or at least, that I remember, I think I dropped out about Book 5).

  9. You could take a look at the Enora Online series by Arlo Adams. The series skirts very close to harem at times but never quite crosses into it.

  10. Also, why was criticism of capitalism included in the sort of ‘list’ of reasons as to why we should not support this show? This is

  11. Due to the fact that in the segment, capitalism was explicitly linked to both white supremacy and "The Patriarchy". As in capitalism is a tool or part and parcel with The Patriarchy.

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