1. Shit I’m black not even a would you rather at this point. Got no option but the future

  2. I'm socially awkward, and talking to randos makes me uncomfortable. I do support the VC option especially if you're playing with friends.

  3. Work on your kickoffs, don’t go for the ball when your teammate is close enough to be challenging. Don’t flip everywhere on the map, only flip when you need to get to the other side of the field. I also recommend observing what the opponents are doing. Do dribbling training packs or go in free play to get the handle of ball control. Also once your ball control gets better practice flicks. Play 1’s more often if you don’t already. When cheating up don’t flip just collect the small boost pads and linger a little bit close to the goal in case the 50/50 on the kickoff goes wrong. If there is one opponent guarding their goal and the other one is on your side of the field go for the demo/bump, so your teammate can get an easy goal. If the ball is on your side and the opponent is going to pass it to their teammate demo/bump that person. If your last person back, make sure to watch out for the opponent going for a bump/demo play. Try to bait the opponent into trying to hit/send the ball away from their possession to prevent them from trying to do what they want. Go into to free play for at least 10 minutes going around hitting the ball without unlimited boost and spend a little of time of just driving/boosting around the map going over the small pads to get some muscle memory for where the pads are so you can consistently have a good amount of boost most of the time. Don’t worry about going down in the ranks, it happens to everyone. Eventually you’ll see results. One more thing. If you aren’t doing so already, get a person you can play 2’s with. I think it’s best to play with someone but solo queuing is fine.

  4. yes, going for flip resets when you can barely aerial.

  5. I can aerial. I’m just struggling at flip resets and trying to at least manage to get a flip

  6. Get the handle of aerial control, learn how to do setups, work on training packs that deal with shooting the ball in the goal from the air like backboard reading packs, fast aerial packs, wall aerial packs, or just simple packs that force you to aerial to score.

  7. Slender man, I don’t go in the woods anyways and he’s the easiest to avoid. Your crazy picking anything else

  8. There are so many different things it could be. I would start with updating the graphics card's software if it typically crashes during gaming.

  9. He said it just freezes and makes a “brrrrr” sound and then crashes. He also said no message pops up

  10. people want to not animate this scene, but similar scenes like this are in alot of animes. I really dont see why its a problem now

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