1. Adjust the grub screw on top of the bltouch

  2. Mine doesn’t retract at all ( until the probing cycle is complete). Just depends on how the script is written in the firmware.

  3. I saw it, but is notbit too flashy?? For my kids they would love it for sure.

  4. Compatible With Most Standard AR15 Components and Accessories super accurate out of the box .. some of my favorite features

  5. I never touched the thermistor besides taking it now to show if there's any damage, also I always keep the silicone sock on

  6. I took it out myself to see if someone can tell if something is wrong

  7. I found 2 of these at a swap meet just the barrel and receiver but i refurbished them and the work amazing

  8. Dude, air filters and air intake boxes are not optional.

  9. It's the original carb. Air fuel screw is in the exact spot it was when covered with the glob of black stuff they put on it, the air filter is off because i was working on it. Should start and idle regardless, right?

  10. Never mind, you seem like you have a huge chip on your shoulder, ill look elsewhere for help.

  11. 1 is the idle 2 is the drain I think. The air mix screw is to the left of the idle knob. Under the seat is a latch you'll see it from there

  12. Someone gave this dump truck a PHD, I have 17 people, close family members, not 1 have taken the "jab" and not one have gotten sick during this whole "pandemic". It's funny, how is it that the majority of people getting sick have taken the cure for the virus. Enjoy your poison shots, you scared little sheep!

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