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  1. The ones I go to are fine. But they are hobby based, not generic making friends ones. So I don’t feel it’s the problem of meetup in general. Maybe your type of people had moved to somewhere else.

  2. Maybe, what kind of hobbies do you go to? Maybe I am just bad at making friends too. I would like movie/music/game-based ones. Maybe a murder mystery dinner idk?

  3. I didn't catch it but here's today's so far

  4. Taking a look again, it looks like the performance meter window (view->performance meter) shows you each track's CPU usage. You might be able to use this to see if a particular track or plugin is using a disproportionate amount of CPU resources. To re-iterate though, it doesn't sound like we have enough info to determine that CPU usage is directly leading to a performance issue, so keep that in mind.

  5. Thanks, I'm confused about the routing thing though, are you saying you can route different guitar parts through to the same amp/cab on a track? How would you keep them separated/different volumes though? Wouldn't they run over eachother's parts and obscure them because they're all going through the same track?

  6. It's not possible to sing without making bubbles, but they should be a steady stream. Also, singing through a straw is giving your muscles something to work against, which helps train them not to let the air fall out too quickly. The idea with the candle is that if it flickers when you sing, you're using too much air. So both exercises are working towards the same goal: controlled, economical use of the breath.

  7. Ok I understand now from all the replies I am wrong but I have been humming through it without making bubbles though, so that is possible, how have I been doing that?

  8. Drink when you feel thirsty don't aim for a particular amount each day.

  9. What? I've always heard AT LEAST 8 glasses / 2 liters. I thought it was increasing these days too.

  10. What plugin are you using that opens up 20 envelopes when you just switch AB modes? That shouldn’t happen.

  11. it's a specific kind of tired. like when you get home from work, sit down, and are in a state of almost sleeping.

  12. Yeah it's like a very narrow threshold between normal/tired-horny/tired

  13. Oh for sure. It's hard to get a feel for how many people are actually real on reddit amongst all the bots and alts.

  14. Correct me if I'm wrong reddit but the point of exercise is to break your body in targeted ways, and then use the right food to build it back stronger the next time. And then you increase the intensity/weight only because you need it to break you again, and you can take more.

  15. That's called a therapist, but you gotta up your prices.

  16. If this is becomes an actual thing in my life I'm just gonna refer to them as 'you people' fuck it I don't make the rules.

  17. Ok guess I'll try that then. But the hassle is still there in that I have to go anywhere, and that's hard here, I have to get my roommate to stop blocking me and then navigate traffic and such in LA and if I was going out might as well just go to a store and get it right then. Maybe I'll try it out though. New question though since it sounds like you've used the service, what's stopping me from just 'trying' the clothes for one event and then returning them? Are the clothes clean?

  18. there are dozens of great free plugins out there.

  19. that one's a tape saturation plug-in. I include it in my Mastering bus and it really glues things together nicely.

  20. Have you tried Kramer Tape? How's it compare to that?

  21. Quality playing on quality guitars into quality preamps recorded through quality mics, mixed in a quality studio by a quality mixing and mastering engineer. Thats how it was done.

  22. I'm reading all these comments and I'm just amazed we're talking about YELLOWCARD here. I mean, yeah they were a hit and had good songs but I'm just imagining interchange this with blink182, sum41, green day, all the other pop punk/emo bands that people just wrote off even back then. Best mixed rock song of all time is the vibe I'm getting from this thread. Really???

  23. You didn't say it specifically but another comment mentioned how the guitarist was like one of the best of the best. You did say quality playing though. Don't get me wrong I love the songs but I didn't know they were so hailed as one of the best like Queen or something. I thought most pop punk/emo were like thought of as uhhh, generic interchangeable on the mix front? But on the other hand a lot of pop punk (blink182 and the like) absolutely sucked live to the point that it was expected (look how real we are) so the productions must've had to be pulling a lot of weight to have songs sound like that.

  24. Here's a quick and dirty Lua script to select all items with "play all" enabled. Optionally you can explode their takes across tracks if EXPLODE setting is enabled

  25. Hi so I've tried it and it seems like its working great! But a couple things, I'm noticing it doesnt do anything until after I do another action like highlight other track or right clicking or something. Any idea why?

  26. Not sure i understand the problem, but it shouldn't depend on anything else. If you provide steps to replicate i'll be able to look into it.

  27. Never mind! It fixed it to assign it to a right click. Before, I was running it straight from the actions window.

  28. Just to add...you have to "turn on" these features in settings. Can't remember if you can do that in the mobile app or just online.

  29. Hmmm its not working...I turned on the option but pressing * does nothing it seems, any ideas? Also @MrPavlovic

  30. Remember, it only works on incoming calls. Other than that, I got nothing.

  31. After a refresh, the press 4 for record worked, but the * to switch or make the other phone ring isn't yet :(

  32. Maybe it's because I am one, but I've always felt like Reddit is more of a place for millennials. Gen Z is on tiktok and stuff.

  33. Reddit is swiftly becoming tiktok's forum so welcome.

  34. Physiology and exercise science can be complex - but basic fitness advice is very simple, very slow to change, and very easy to understand.

  35. Ok thanks, I currently track my nutrition using eatthismuch.com and it isssss:

  36. I will try to simplify things but you really should read the wiki, it's not like it's the Silmarillion. The below is not all encompassing, just a starting point.

  37. I have been reading the wiki on/off for 20 mins now, still not sure where to start. I finally found a beginner program but it again involves the bench press, which I don't have, and doesn't have pics or explanations of why or how to do each thing. Then I get to the bottom of that and see theres another link to the section where it shows you how to do the things and that part takes you to user-posted 20 min vids that seem to assume you already know other prerequisites and 100 pg essays on how to do a squat. And then another user posts a different vid with different info than the first. I'm just looking for maybe 2 min video max showing how to do x exercise. The wiki overall seems to be great for looking up elaborated info once you already know some basics and at least what you're looking for, but am I even looking for muscle or am I looking to lose weight? I thought I could do both, and getting muscle would burn fat/require losing weight

  38. Would you be able to render the parent track of the folder? I don't think I've tried that before but it might work.

  39. I dont understand, what is the parent track of the folder? The folder itself? You saying put it in another folder?

  40. No the parent track of the folder is the folder track if that makes sense. The one that all the tracks in the folder are routed to. You should be able to render the output of the parent track multiple times with your specifications, once by turning the FX off and then on etc.

  41. Lmao you think the general audience determines what they do? Superhero movies are an established fanbase, big on kids, already written and visualized, and move/create the biggest actors, and even when they're bad they're still viral, they're not going anywhere.

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