Ryan Cohen buys Citadel

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  1. I‘m curious what the starfish will say tomorrow, i trust this guy.

  2. I thought CS would live under UBS and gvmt wings. Does protections were not enough?

  3. They wrote off 17 Billions in bonds. And bond holders buy CDS to hedge.

  4. Last Wednesday, the day they got 50 Billions in Government assistance, the same guy said:

  5. COULDNT the assets that credit suisse own now owned by UBS drop in value, like one day it’s worth this much now it’s less valuable from the day before

  6. This is from today at the Financial Sector Conference in Saudi Arabia.

  7. So the swap the FED gave credit suisse, to bail them out. Didn't work?

  8. I hope they liquidate and close those shorts and swaps.

  9. I don’t know, but they now have a market cap of 7.8 billion USD and burnt 7.9 billion USD in 2022.

  10. This reminds me i need to try chipotle sauce with my potato wedges.

  11. It’s like your first time, don’t try to plan it, it just will happen. And when it happens you will maybe get week knees and self-esteem issues, but chill. Just let it happen, Ryan will carry this.

  12. „No, I don’t think i will“ „Sir, this is a casino“

  13. I don’t get the correlation…what happened? Also, neat to hear this song again.

  14. TL;DR shit escalated quickly. The 99 Balloons started World War III, because nobody acted how he should.

  15. We play Dark Souls and get a boner, they weren’t ready for that.

  16. This is FUD. Not the posting here...the article. This is to make Retail panic into pumping the market. Rug pull in...3...2...

  17. The market as a whole, remember the Meme stocks, it wasn’t just the GME saga. This guys now come back, right on time, as the banks and hedge funds need someone to hold their pumped blue chips.

  18. I heard from someone familiar with the matter he bought Facebook to create the GMverse. That’s probably why it spiked.

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