Photos I took of London's busiest areas, empty (March 2020)

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  1. If you are a person with a menstrual cycle, adhd is know to be worse on the week of and surrounding one’s period, and stim meds are known to lose efficiency during that time.

  2. Was it actually the train manager or was it automated? Also good one for hearing the announcer, maybe the XC trains my way are busy but the announcer is almost inaudible on the services close to me

  3. It was the train manager, luckily it was one of the rare quiet XC services so despite the announcement system on Voyagers being worse than some trains twice its age I was able to hear him.

  4. I’m not a music expert, and I know I’ll receive hellfire for this, but despite being an absolutely huge Peter Gabriel fan I listened to both and they basically sound the same

  5. Not unfairly. Guy made the choice to risk his and other peoples lives during a pandemic.

  6. Get fucked dude. If you want to feel special and protected, get vaccinated, wear a mask. Social distance. But it’s not other people’s responsibility to make you feel safe. Im not pro or anti vax, I simply do not care. However it is absolutely not your right to tell someone what they can or cannot put inside their bodies, wear on their face. The pandemic is as good as over, and people need to learn to move on from all this mass hysteria shit. It’s getting boring now. It’s been THREE years.

  7. Tell me you have no idea how viruses work, without telling me you have no idea how viruses work. Virus mutates in unvaccinated people over and over and over again, until it is something essentially different, and becomes yet again dangerous even for vaccinated people. You never know if there's another variant coming that sucks even more, but i agree for now it seems to be done for. However this "you can't tell people what to put in their body" is plain stupid, when there's mandatory vaccines to keep the public safe in a lot of countries.

  8. First of all, I work in pharmacy. So I actually have some what of hands on experience with how viruses work. What you say would be true, if vaccinated people couldn’t become infected. However they can, study and anecdote has proven that fully vaccinated individuals are fully capabele of becoming infected with any variant of COVID. The stinger is, that if the virus has to mutate to survive the antibodies created by a vaccinated host, then it can and will. Essentially, mutated versions of COVID are far more likely to occur in vaccinated people than unvaccinated people. Science aside, my point was not about how viruses work, or the logistics of COVID, rather individual liberty and freedom to choose what goes in and on your body. a world where the government can FORCE you to have injections, wear certain articles, and put you on house arrest for “the safety of others” is a terrifying one. If you want to see our society turn into something out of an Orwell novel, then this is the way to go about it.

  9. When they are 14, talk on twitter how psychopathic they are but then get a mental breakdown and cry when someone tells them that ASPD is only diagnosed if you are 18+.

  10. I mean to be fair, you definitely can be ASPD before 18. As that age is not of any medical significance, rather a legal one. I definitely showed symptoms of my ASPD from before I was a teenager. As an adult I learned to control my impulses better, but I think openness towards mental disorders in children and teens is very important as early intervention could have prevented the years of dangerous behaviour and drug abuse I went through when I was a teenager

  11. No I don’t, I feel good when I make people feel shit, and do drugs.

  12. Speak for yourself. That’s just not true. I didn’t see my partner for a year apart from at the window. Then we got married in a social distanced ceremony and didn’t see each other for months. Didn’t see elderly relatives for nearly two years and lived with one of them but isolated in our own parts of the house (ie I had no kitchen or anything) for over a year.

  13. How ridiculously paranoid you must be

  14. You know literally nothing about my circumstances or those of my loved ones. According to your logic everyone who shielded was ridiculously paranoid.

  15. True, I’m a judgemental asshole. I agree

  16. “Ladies”… don’t be silly this is Reddit!

  17. You’ll wake up in a random McDonald’s in 2 days time

  18. “a person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use other animal products.” That’s Oxford languages definition of Vegan. Nothing in there mentions intent, or complex reasoning. Why do we have to ostracise people at every opportunity. Some people may be vegan, for reasons such as dietary requirements, and yet they are still preventing as much suffering as you are. Some people need to get off their high horse and quit trying to exclude people from a group at every turn.

  19. I’m recently vegan. I stopped eating meat not particularly out of ethical reasons, but because I just don’t really like it. And I’m severely lactose which rules dairy out for me anyways. I joined one of those subscription services which delivers really nice vegan foods to you door and haven’t looked back since. I’m not particularly on team “force everyone to turn vegan”, I’m very much a libertarian myself. But I certainly feel better myself knowing I’m not directly causing mammals to be killed for my food consumption.

  20. There would be a shit show of resistance here in the United States - is the general public supportive of veganism there?

  21. No not really, but whoever can pay to advertise, besides London is run by a “progressive” mayor so he may or may not have something to do with it

  22. I can’t be the only one who listens to Peter Gabriel while tripping 😂

  23. Damn, we were all that age once, it’s honestly so shit being 15, you’ll get through it trust me. When I was 15 I was a massive opioid addict, I pulled through and so will you. Just remember you have your whole life ahead of you, and keep that in mind. I won’t be a hypocrite and tell you to quit now, I know it is not anywhere near that easy. But try to cut down. Your future self will thank you when you’re successful and have a family. I wish you the absolute best 🙏

  24. Doctor: What is your daily exposure level of particulates?

  25. Doctor: what is the reason for your lung issues? Voyagers: allow me to introduce myself

  26. Yes dude, opioids constrict your pupils, totally normal.

  27. I hate vomiting, unfortunately I do it every time I get too drunk. So every time I plan on drinking a lot I take an Ondansetron tablet. Best anti sickness out there so always works perfectly. Might be hard for some people to get hold of it though. Given the industry I work in I it’s no problem for me luckily. Don’t know what I’d do without it, especially for nights out.

  28. Human lungs were not designed to inhale anything other than natural air, ie air that is mostly oxygen with a few other gaseous elements in there. So these people are just hypocrites really. Dont worry about them. Dont worry about what others think. You just do you, friendo.

  29. Well mostly nitrogen but I get your point

  30. The thing is this could easily be in So or Us and you wouldn’t bat an eye, still a man of excellent talent

  31. Nah my ones ain’t cute like that, my ones are spindly and gross looking. Like they’re made out of individual hairs. Fucking hate them honestly

  32. Some of the 1st gen antihistamines are cyp2d6 inhibitors (including benadryl) which converta codeine into morphine, which would kill the high.

  33. Yeah don’t over do the Benadryl, I took 600mg and went into a psychotic state

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