1. The wipers are on and it's not raining... that's your problem right there

  2. How did you fracture the car door? I'm confused....you must drive a Kia 😜

  3. Definitely messed up tablet...at mine there's one that will register 999 then 50 then 705 to 120...watts are all over the place

  4. I would've just unlocked the door from the inside and left. Let the studio deal with the alarm.

  5. Well I would flip them too if they kept that ringtone going.... stupid guinea pigs nto answering their phones 🙄

  6. I've only enjoyed rowing when I used the concept2 rowers at my old gym. There I didn't mind it. I don't care for the water rowers at all...I do it, but it's not my favorite part of the workouts.

  7. Surprised no one mentioned the Reebok step in the front! That’s the icing on the cake. Please tell me if there are mini bands somewhere in there?

  8. There's a difference between American pit bull terriers and Staffordshire terriers....most every one calls them both pitbulls. I personally refer to pitbulls or pitties only to the APBT not Staffies

  9. If you have access to a hotel gym with the basics you can probability follow the workout that Mr and Mrs.Dc post on Reddit daily

  10. Ahhhh the old "I can walk to it".... I think the cost of OTF will truly force you to make it in, more so than the planet fitness' $10/month membership (assuming it's a big chain gym)

  11. Keep your ears open for "Le Push" 😂 sorry couldn't help myself. I'll show myself out now.

  12. I don't purchase anything on the app... I just sign up for extra classes and when I show up my studio just charges me because they see it's out of my 8 a month plan

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