1. If i need to get crap done then my little one can watch what she wants. But shes 3 so usually shes playing on her own and its just on it the background

  2. Sneak them in peoples pockets/hoods/bags in a supermarket or somewhere

  3. Im 31. And ive been suffering for years and only just on my way to getting the diagnosis and medication. Hopefully will start medication by the end of the year. Im a complicated case because of all my allergies.

  4. You’re so welcome 🤗 It does make a big difference! It may also pay just to go down a hook size or two I think. Your stitches are so neat but are a bit ‘gappy’ in places which as far as amigurumi goes generally means the need to use a smaller hook!

  5. Also, yarn under instead of yarn over when working amigurumi makes the stitches neater and less gappy too.

  6. I LOVE THIS. If you hate this, i will take it off your hands!!

  7. A chiropractor helps me with this. Doesn’t fix it entirely but can take the edge off by at least making sure everything’s in line. Maybe TMI but I am prone to that pain then got an IUD for the first time and was keeled over in agony sobbing. So in case you have that coincidence, it hasn’t been quite as excruciating since having IUD removed.

  8. I had my IUD perforate my uterus back in feb which i had emergency surgery for so i dont have that anymore. I am actually on a temporary menopause for ovarian issues until im fit for elective surgery (why they couldnt just do it all while i was under is beyond me)

  9. SI joint, L5 on down, radiates into the hips. Hooray.

  10. I did already have steroid injections in my SI joint under radiography the other year for pain and it didnt work for me, it made it worse, i suffer really bad with fibro and sciatica. I have gabapentin which helps keeps the sciatica under control 90% of the time.

  11. I have a house pair and and outside pair too. And i just learned you can buy the fluffy lining to adapt your croc to a winter croc!

  12. It’s weirdly adorable? I freaking love this community lol

  13. Dont let the fluffy wool deceive you

  14. I did not realise that the percentage was that high! Thats a lot of incinerated foreskin then!

  15. She looks a little thirsty, but that's just me

  16. I had just watered her when i took the photo. Shes a lot happier now

  17. Ive had it for got to be over 10 years, but my jaw went into lock-jaw with only 15mm opening after i had emergency surgery on my stomach in February so they think its trauma related from having the tube down my throat on top of tmj. My dentist was meant to fit me with a splint years ago and never did, each time i had my check up they said they will do the impressions for the splint next appointment and it never happened. Then my jaw was too far gone and too restricted for a splint.

  18. I keep wanting to splurge but the price difference is SO high, and I just love using these hooks. Hidden gem?

  19. Definitely hidden gem. I paid more for individual hooks and i still only use the ones from this set. And i actually only bought this kit as an emergency. I went on holiday and took everything except my hooks so bought these to be delivered to the holiday house we were staying at. Best purchase ever!

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