1. Try reading lucky guy, a wonderful new world, weakpoint

  2. Interesting.... But where the fck is the title

  3. Personally not my cup of tea. I don’t enjoy reading manhuas and the art doesn’t make me interested. In plot wise I honestly got nothing to say since I peeped just a few chapters and dropped it. I wouldn’t recommend it personally but feel free to read it

  4. I kinda hate manhua rn, almost all plot is the same

  5. Here are manhwa that's in my library rn, Night king seong gwi nam, App for the emperor of the night, hypnosis in another world, panty note, sex stopwatch.

  6. Vanilla or not vanilla is ok with me. Ill be sure to check these ones out though!

  7. Circles, Eunhye Supermarket, Panty note, lucky guy, sweet guy, shall we ride, dance department female sunbae, main character is a villain

  8. Queen bee has ugb and r*pes the MC's mom

  9. Not ub but try teacher punishment and erotic scheme

  10. If you like a father-daughter bonding, it's good

  11. There's not a whole lot of father daughter time so far tbh. It's not bad though.

  12. They're focusing on the mc and fmc so yeah it's also a dungeon type manhwa

  13. They are not in order. Which is which?

  14. The one with the whip in the right side is "teacher punishment"

  15. Oh I dropped it on the early chapters. I'll pick it up ig, thanks!

  16. Deceptions is good although some fans ain't satisfied in the ending, still good for me

  17. Wait for a while. At least until it's over lol. The fan favorite right now has a big Chance of losing due to writer stupidity. So Hold on until it's done.

  18. Thanks bro I'm thinking of reading it

  19. Can you upvote my comment so I can comeback in this post later?

  20. believe its also called limit breaker in some sites

  21. I got annoyed when his mother died

  22. Ooohh the dude that has 99999 abilities 😂, but it's really good though

  23. I don't know if the title is correct but try "A Beastly Scandal"

  24. Try "street restaurant of a returned hero"

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