1. I know they stretch them, but also I think girls that have this naturally probably get selected early on in training to become an elite (rhythmic) gymnast. So it's kind of chicken and egg maybe?

  2. I absolutely agree that girls with hypermobile knees are selected over those who have more regular knees.

  3. I am in orthopedics and have never heard it called this in medical literature, Google, or from patients.

  4. Dancers call them swayback knees, or sway back legs. There is a good discussion in this link about how swayback knees are considered essential to some people who are in dance.

  5. How does a plastic surgeon think that it's a good idea to mess with the face of a supermodel? 'Oh I have a good idea, how about I alter the face of one of the great beauties of her generation'. Her nose is very changed from back in the day she looks like another person.

  6. Blue shirt at the beginning is extremely lucky. He avoided getting crushed, and then walked right back into the kill zone, acting like he could use his arms to push the vehicle away.

  7. He was incredibly stupid to put himself in harms way and he very nearly died because of it.

  8. She definately has had some laser resurfacing, as I also have had. That's why she looks so smooth. She looks good in my opinion.

  9. The repair surgery is the reason for those incisions, and the infection had spread to her neck. Her cheek tissue had to be removed as it had infected filler through it, which caused the indentation you see post surgery. This was after getting filler for years with no complications.

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