1. The "bonus" mesh sack is what you are supposed to store it in. If you store it compressed over time the sleeping bag will loose it ability to fluff back up and provide the warmth it was designed to. All high end bags come with a compression sack to hike with and a mesh sack for storage

  2. My 6 year old can still ride on my seat although she rides great on her own...we do it sometimes cause I miss it...just because they can ride on their own doesn't mean you still can't them with you

  3. Why not camp in's in your backyard and beautiful.... Providence canyon is nice but can get cold this time of year

  4. Jenson USA has the robe AL new for 850...I picked up my used 2020 journeyman for 500 so that one is overpriced...I would have gotten the rove if I didn't get such a good deal on the used journeyman

  5. Nice!!! What model/spec is your Journeyman and how do you like it? I’ve test ridden and it seems like a good fit for me as an enthusiast but not a competitive cyclist. Just feels fun and comfortable. Same can be said for the Rove, I think. At $500 I would sprint to pick up a used Journeyman before someone else grabs it! Congrats!!

  6. It's a claris 700c....I really like it only had it for 50 miles or so but I really enjoy it. Rides great plenty of mounting points and comfortable geometry. Was gonna buy the rove from Jenson before I got the journeyman but it popped up the day I was about to order it. Saved few enough to upgrade the drivetrain if I need to buy for me it works just fine...I'm a casual rider that does rail trails and other paved paths through the woods

  7. They are great tires on a Fat Bike. I’m not a fan of minions in the smaller size’s though. I just picked up two pairs of Fat Bike Minions for $100.

  8. some kind of a crate, like a milk crate made out of the plastic the gallon jug holders are made of as part of their storage line - i’m constantly breaking crates


  10. And then they send a whole new strap that was gray instead of green. Crazy that they can’t ship just that metal clip.

  11. Mines grey so I'm good with that...but I agree 💯.... imagine if you had the alpine yellow

  12. But yeti does ask for return to get a refund. And you're saying people should be asking to get money back and keep the item, which would be like actively trying to get stuff for free. You can decide if your hard to get color is worth the retail price or not.

  13. Kinda weird because they recycle everything they get back damaged or not...straight to scrap

  14. WTB.....Looking for the Xmas stickers from the stores....I don't have one within a 6 hour one way drive...I'd really appreciate it as would my 2 little girls.

  15. The roadie's are not bear proof..never advertised as such either. Wish mine would have made it to the house...lost in UPS land

  16. No go box....they redesigned it....still pissed I lost mine to a warranty claim...even though it was still available on the site at the time

  17. Scored one myself. Looks beautiful with the colored lid 😍

  18. Fine by the time I saw it... already made an order earlier but missed this thinking it was a kids one which I already have 2 of for my girls

  19. They drop ship from Yeti... isn't a stick issue....both of mine came straight from the Yeti warehouse

  20. I feel like they made 10 Sidekicks in that color with how much they sell for on eBay. I finally gave up and just paid the king’s ransom for it.

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