1. You can email phone numbers. Google it. Sign them up for newsletters, etc.

  2. That's just Gilmore playing the line on his E string. Much like Jack White does on Seven Nation Army.

  3. There's definitely too many to name, but one I always go back to is Run Like Hell from Is There Anybody Out There. Rogers intro always gives me a laugh and simultaneous chills, his trademark screech is a great little addition, and his bass line has a few nice improves. Nick really lays down a great performance, and the whole band puts on a memorable version.

  4. Wembley 1974. OMG. When I first heard this whole concert my head exploded with how good it all sounded, the early shine on, raving and drooling (sheep), you gotta b crazy (dogs), whole dsotm and imo the best version of echoes they ever played.

  5. Second this! Definitely one of my favorite recordings and performances.

  6. Search that info on discogs and it will tell you the info you're looking for.

  7. A couple do come to mind, nothing to the extent as a N&F, but one I really like is Ginew. They don't have a ton of crazy colors and options but I love supporting them. The others I can think of are Raleigh Denim and Delta Blue.

  8. Oh yeah. His name is Dean Schneider, got his own website and YT channel. He's dedicated his life to wildlife preservation and has even embedded himself into a pride of rescued lions.

  9. Sounds like the start of his eventual eulogy.

  10. Start with these. This will give you something to do for the next couple of hours.

  11. What’s a Gilmour traditional song as Waters wrote nearly all the lyrics? (serious question) and what traditional songs written by Gilmour does Waters sing?

  12. It's not so much who wrote it, but who sings it on the "traditional" studio albums vs. after their break up. Like WYWH would be a Gilmour song, but Roger sings it at his concerts and can be heard on his live albums (ex. his US + Them live album), etc.

  13. I think, for the most part, Roger sang the songs that fit his voice best and Gilmour sang the ones that fit his best.

  14. I guess I'm specifically asking about the live versions of the songs they do sing of each other's. Like Roger singing WYWH on his Us + Them album, or Dave singing Rogers parts on Pulse, etc.

  15. I just imagine they're looking at Battersea Station and saying, yeah that's the spot.

  16. Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking

  17. Some may argue, but having Clapton on guitar is fantastic.

  18. Here's some cool interviews and recording sessions of the song. Gives a great insite.

  19. I have this and a bunch of other great shows on a Google Drive for anyone who wants them. Just DM me your email and I'll add you.

  20. Really Money is pretty easy, and very cool bc of its 7/4 timing. Also, Another Brick Pt.2 is pretty easy.

  21. 1972-11-29 Palais des Sports, France 1972-09-22 Hollywood Bowl, LA

  22. The Wall: Is There Anybody Out There also The Wall Rebuilt

  23. Quit smoking... cold turkey. Literally TODAY is my 12 year anniversary.

  24. That was definitely tough, but if you hadn't who knows what another 12 years and more would have done to you. Way to never look back!

  25. To a dad yes, mom will spot that from a mile away.

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