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  1. No that is not a law. You and your kids do not have an expectation of privacy in public.

  2. Make the assignment "take a picture of you doing homework in a silly situation" or something then. Less creepy and allows for creativity

  3. I don’t think so. For it to just casually slip out like that and then he giggles a bit and casually corrects himself. I don’t think he was that hurt by his action and guarantee he went and told his buddies about it over a beer so they could all have a good laugh.

  4. He was standing there replaying it in his head for at least 10 seconds until the video got cut

  5. Dear Diary: Today on TikTok, absolutely nobody was shocked to find out that Elliot is racist and transphobic 💖

  6. Am I crazy or didn't we already go over the racist and transphobic comments elliott made behind camera's while the season was still airing? I thought this was common knowledge already

  7. I’m hoping that a lot of them were merely pissed at how the film looks so dreary and dark. I’m hoping it’s actually going to be brighter. But no matter what, once that young woman opens her mouth to sing, it’s going to be glorious. She has such an incredible voice.

  8. The voice is actually the one thing I disliked. Well not necessarily the voice but the drawn out "beeEeeEEee." I think the original is a lot better by being simpler

  9. Who would win: and eldritch god who feeds off the misery of others, or one country girl? I guess it’s one country girl

  10. I agree, but they also never had to say Lyse was a Highlander

  11. Minfillia is also a highlander

  12. They would probably bite and scratch you before you could even say "maybe grabbing the monkey wasn't such a good idea".

  13. Tbf that's a pretty long sentence

  14. How does someone suck this bad at understanding written language lol

  15. He's a big fan of testicular cancer

  16. I feel sorry for the one called cumsquat

  17. He's actually the model of Father Grigori from Half-Life 2? I had no idea, that's fantastic.

  18. So the dad could die Then the kid would be stuck in the wild with his dead dad. Can’t drive, don’t know how to navigate or map his way home, get ahold of help, or survive.

  19. The mother is there too, you can hear her and them signaling to her to be quiet

  20. I’m new to the game but isn’t there an elder dragon made out out crystals and rainbows? I just started playing cantha. It’s the dragon in the cave.

  21. Aurene, especially her "final form", are also late additions to the game

  22. It's hilarious, that it has been translated. "PC-Spieler" is German for "some random guy playing it on PC". Doesn't make it sound like the gaming magazine/website.

  23. Fortunately for him it’s a big cat. They want you dead before they eat you. Unlike hyenas or African wild dogs

  24. Do they want you dead or do they want you paralyzed unable to fight back?

  25. It’s the ultimate distillation of what players want. Dump the questing, dump the zones. Players hate the story, players hate grinding.Most just sit in a major hub waiting for a queue to pop or a group to fill…

  26. That's not what players want. Players want questing, zones, content. But they don't want to have to do it 3, 6, 10 times over for every character. While you might make a new character that lorewise is fresh in the world, YOU as a player are not. Which is ultimately what matters here. You're just going through the same shit over and over and considering you don't really get much variety in this game, it gets stale as fuck pretty much the first time you (have to) replay it

  27. You only have to play it ten times if you have 9 alts. I feel like grinding out a toon to max should be something you don’t reasonably expect to do for every class but I don’t think we’ll agree on that either. Or at least, not every rep on every character. I’d rather pick and choose where it matter, like grinding out ebon blade rep on my DK rather than my Druid. Not really important to me to have it on both, anyway.

  28. And you have to play it two times if you have 1 alt. Which is one time too many.

  29. Great colours, beautiful colours

  30. Unless its for LD where healers shouldnt heal you, other than that, nothing else needs sound. Maybe Superbolide but even THATS a stretch

  31. Me, never paying attention to ability names:

  32. The choir sings to a funky tune as my ashes get launched into space

  33. What if i use peloton every time there's no combat? What then?

  34. If you ever see my character with any title other than then you know my account got hacked.

  35. that face when the SO gets into skincare and has instant, massive improvements in skin from non-active ingredients that i've never experienced before

  36. Probably because you've cared for your skin for a while now

  37. Considering you have TMJ, do you have tense shoulders/neck? I sometimes get obstructive spots in my vision that look like you've been staring at a lightsource. I got them a lot around the time I was 21/22 during a period of heavy stress and poor sleep.

  38. Yes I do frequently get tense neck and shoulder muscles. That makes alot of sense as my eyes started hurting along with it this morning and I rubbed my neck and shoulders some and it seemed to really help it. I will evaluate my sleeping position and also maybe see about getting a physiotherapist as I've thought about that for awhile. Than you so much for the advice 😊

  39. Whenever I get an "attack" rubbing my shoulder/neck area helps a lot as well. Also moving my shoulders in a circular motion does a lot too. Make sure to ask your physiotherapist for "excercises" you can do at home to help alleviate your tense muscles - they really help but you have to get yourself to do them everyday multiple times throughout the day (I was adviced 3 times a day)

  40. I don't think so, people even without air will have more buoyancy than the camera.

  41. Maybe something violently drags you down as your body implodes

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