1. You think the discovery has as much off-road capability as your LR4 with a rear locker?

  2. Stock for stock, yes. The D5 has better terrain response and better suspension. You can option them with low range and a rear locker too.

  3. Interesting. I’m used to LR4 enthusiasts looking down on D5s

  4. The LR4 looks better, has the split tailgate, and has the V8. Everything else is better about the D5. Anyone who denies that is just wrong.

  5. Then why dont we see more on the trails? That sounds like an ideal offroading setup, very beefy.

  6. I reckon the cross section between people who want an overland build and people who’d drive a H2 are pretty small.

  7. I thought the 2500 suburbans were harder to get, because they were police only? I might be misremembering

  8. Nope, they’re around. The K2X (15-22?) were govt only, and I think actually 1 ton rated with emphasis on payload for armoring. Any of the older 2500s are relatively common.

  9. I’m in the water all the time over there, I’m not dead. Come summer it will be full of people, like every year.

  10. One of the reasons they’ve grown is to get around the CAFE fuel requirements. The bigger the footprint, the worse gas mileage it can have. A big truck is allowed to get worse gas mileage than a small truck. Manufacturers figured it was easier to make the trucks bigger instead of more fuel efficient.

  11. The frontal area is for cooling. HD American trucks are the only ones that can tow 20,000lbs+ up big long grades at highway speeds. And just like everything else, tow and payload ratings need to go up every generation to be competitive. It’s the same with other cars with horsepower, legroom, safety, etc. Saying no one would experience it isn’t exactly true.

  12. Why does it have to be new? A $30k truck and a $10k trailer. They’re saving the money they’d be buying a daily with for fuel to go on vacation w their family.

  13. To add to this, I’m also considering bidding on this 2006 LR3 V8 HSE. 134k mi

  14. If you’re not looking to spend money I’d go with this one over a 4. The prices on good LR4s has gone up since Covid and hasn’t gone back down on 13s and 14-16s.

  15. Thanks for the note on the coolant crossover, I’ll specifically look for that in the maintenance history of the vehicles. Also good point on NY cars.

  16. I’d pass on all 3. Buy here pay here lots don’t have the best inventory, these were all picked up at auction. Find one at a luxury (bmw, LR, Lexus, etc) dealer; then you know it was brought in on trade and IS a nice truck. Dealers will quickly offload headaches but hold onto quality secondhand inventory to sell.

  17. I have seen some LR4s at luxury dealers in my area but they are significantly more expensive. One of the reasons I am looking at used LR4s is to save a decent amount of money. If I were to upgrade my budget I would probably look into the 2017-present Discovery body style.

  18. The SCV6 is fine and that’s probably the best truck of the 3.

  19. Where are you looking that a fixer upper is $800k? I get that LI houses are expensive but there are plenty of move in ready 2-3 bedroom houses in safe neighborhoods that are $400-500k.

  20. Because everyone needs to live where they can be 4 LIRR stops from the city. Dumb.

  21. You aren't going to want to hear this, but there ARE homes for $450k out there. Even less.

  22. It must have been good at some point, but that place sucks. I only live 15 minutes away and tried it twice… both times meh. I’ve heard their key lime pie is the bomb but I’m not a key lime pie person.

  23. Okay pal. I’m sure not applicable for a Darwin Award. But I am a human that sometimes lets their speed creep up on them. Have you ever caught yourself flooring it without even realizing you’ve done it? Bet you have.

  24. Speed creep up on you? A civic is tacking 4-5000rpm at 85, probably 75db in the cab. You know how fast you were going, even if you had perfect tires.

  25. “I hate it when I take the doors off my XJ and the unibody folds in half”

  26. I cracked the trans tunnel of my first XJ from close to the firewall to the rear bench seat. My second got full stiffeners and a cage.

  27. That’s good, but it still sounds like the top end. There’s a TSB for 15-16s for stuck or collapsed lifters due to AFM issues.

  28. I really liked the OG. I’m sure this one will be great, too. No complaints.

  29. Nothing to do with the motor, you could need brakes (wear indicator noise) or the wheel bearings could be in need of replacement.

  30. Thanks for the quick response, I’m not having or showing any issues, just I don’t think it’s ever been done! Is there a certain one that you would use? Or just basically fluid?

  31. It’s a Chevy, whatever the parts store carries that meets the spec.

  32. Do you like ketchup mayo or mustard because those three cars couldn’t be less alike.

  33. Would a different clock spring run it straight again?

  34. This is the kind of thing you want to do OE only. Cheaper doesn’t mean better with many parts. Things to do with anything electrical are especially important if you want them to last.

  35. At that price I'm sure he knew it was a rip off

  36. Can’t see the price but maybe, maybe not. Depends on how frisky the eBay seller was feeling.

  37. You want a lanolin based coating/film applied once every year before winter. Not undercoating.

  38. Yes. The last time I filled up my oil tank was back in November and it’s above half a tank right now.

  39. Interesting I’ve still got 1/4 tank from November and only use oil

  40. I guess I'm part of the next gen, because I look at them and I see not-a-one that looks like they've been raised with any ounce of respect towards any other human beings.

  41. Every time I decide I’m getting the Sigma 18-50 I see a shot like this form the 17-70.

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