1. you can view all of yellow quests here under Quest. credit to owner

  2. I don’t care. I want a good game. I don’t care what the menu looks like. I plan to ply, not sit watching the text lol

  3. ATK and Crit chance/damage are the biggest for sure. So any cards that have those stats really. D Pierce is solid but probably a little less important.

  4. What about cooldown decrease? Isn't that good for someone like storm or wanda?

  5. I personally worked on cool-down for storm and it helped a lot Wanda feels pretty similar so I’m going to do the same for her too

  6. At the moment not, that is only possible when transmutation is enabled or Scarlet Witch.

  7. You haven't played for a while so you don't have Magneto or Thanos batches, right ? Because else you can give them to here even before she is 120 :

  8. No, I don’t, I was just looking at those, but I’m unable to get the tokens as the events are over, and I’m having trouble finding the omega flight token thing, it says to get from the epic quest but I’ve done it about 15 times and I’m still not able to get those badges

  9. Scarlet witch comes out tomorrow so if you wanna start fresh she’s your best option. She won’t have her gear transmutable for a while so most SW players will be starting slow.

  10. What does that mean? About her gear? I am a storm main but want to put all my stuff over to SW, will that be an option? I don’t mind having to wait, but I’m assuming that’s what you meant?

  11. Yeah… that’s mad. Spirit works in weird ways lol clearly wanted to give you a message

  12. Yeah it definitely does lol, Like yesterday I had a dream about a cat being stuck somewhere. Then I wake up and I open my backdoor and the cat from my dream was stuck in my little backyard.

  13. Sounds like you’re psychic mate, you’re showing all the classic signs, you should look into seeing a local medium in your area. Search about and ask people that have had appointments etc… they’ll be able to give you some tips.

  14. So, no dz today ? Looks like maintenance starts before dz begins :(

  15. The servers go down on the 10th and come back up on the 11th. The update begins tonight.

  16. I mean, your skill is evident. But I don’t understand this weird fetish of drawing or sculpting characters from games or cartoons with no clothes on… like, where I come from we have actual laws against things like this. If this were a real person you’d be arrested.

  17. He goes the castle where you fight Rahdan or whatever his name is, at one of the forts or castles.

  18. The primary reason that information is contradictory is because it's not historically attested. Most of the abstract, complicated meaning ascribed runes is just made up over the past century.

  19. I mean, I know enough to know that runes have been used in magic for 1000’s of years. I’ve seen it done.

  20. This sub's userbase tends to focus on runes as they were historically used, if you are more interested in modern neopagan magic practices, there's a variety of subs for that, such as

  21. Ah, that explains it. Yes accuracy. Like how the cattle rune signifies wealth, abundance and prosperity. I mean, my question wasn’t rocket science was it?

  22. I'll give you my interpretation* in Medieval futhork

  23. Yeah they always have weird looking kids. It’s the eyebrows lol

  24. Thank you for posting this nearly a month ago! Completely sorted me out tonight!

  25. You can remove them at the mirror is Fia’s room at the hold.

  26. You likely didn’t accept an apartment when you moved them in. Just go back into the brokes household and make you you’ve actually clicked on a door to rent the apartment

  27. Like, I can't use most of them but I've never even heard of some of them... Two scorpion daggers that proc rot?! Moonveil and rivers of blood, black knife armor set, 99 boluses for all status effects; the list goes on and on... Thank you so much my guy, you capped my birthday off in a drippy way.

  28. Delete everything. You’ll likely get banned now - people like that are hackers. They’re not legit lol nobody would ever do that.

  29. I don’t, I don’t see why people worry about games. It’s coming. What is to worry about?

  30. There are two I would pick but I went with justice league coz I want a superman game lol

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