1. doesn't seem like it's really following the contours of the apple. think about any 3D figure as a series of flat planes. an apple is a lot like a fucked up sphere if that helps. lol.

  2. You've identified one of the problems, which is holding back on color. Try out new pallets and experiment with higher saturation off the bat. I also recommend looking into skin color tutorials online, because it will help you a lot to use more saturated and varied color pallets (i think) if you know how skin tones vary naturally over various parts of the face. That's just if you want to do realism though. If you want to stick to more cartoonish stuff - up your contrast.

  3. This was a fun read. A few grammar errors here and there (namely the dialogue tags -- if you're using a dialogue tag, the dialogue should end with a comma instead of a period; e.g., "I just think you're being silly." Arisha said. -> "I just think you're being silly," Arisha said.), but an engaging read. I know it's been a year, but I hope there's a second chapter someday.

  4. some people are getting way too psychological in the replies lol. it's a fun piece, very oldschool internet vibes (in a good way). i like the shape of the ears and eyes a lot.

  5. Hi all! I picked up a simple wooden nightstand from a local resale shop today. It was a cheap find (literally like $20), and accordingly there are a few noticeable nicks and marks on the wood. More notably, though, it doesn't seem like the wood has been finished at all (I tested it with some water and the wood did darken, absorbing the water).

  6. I adore mine. I've been using them for over a year and a half now. Super comfortable, even as a side sleeper. I will say sometimes it takes some messing around to get the seal/suction, but once it's in, it's in, and it really dims everything incredibly. I've been a light sleeper for a while now and it makes it so much easier to live with people. Sometimes I even use it on public transit with headphones overtop, for when I'm tired of hearing everyone and their mother blasting TikToks at full volume on the bus lmfao.

  7. love your color choices. teal for the sky is very bold and unusual. it makes this feel more like a memory or a feeling than an attempt at direct replication. one thing i think you could work on is bringing a little more life to the piece. this could be by working on your perspective, adding contrast/highlights, trying out bold lighting choices, or using textured brushes. regardless, this is a really solid base to be starting from.

  8. Sure, if we have a lot in common, shared values, sense of humor. There's more to a person than their educational attainment. Probably there are plenty of high school dropouts that I'd get along with better than Ivy League grads for example

  9. You know there's a huge middle ground between high school dropout and Ivy League grad?

  10. yes lmfao I'm just pointing to the extremes. I still stand by the actual sentiment, which is that there are plenty of people who didn't go to college that I have more in common with than my graduating class. (To be clear, not an Ivy.) There are people at every level of attainment that I would and would not vibe with. There's more to life than your degree or lack thereof

  11. so reading through the comments this isn't at all about what someone identifies as, and you just want to connect with other people who have the same fixation as you. shocked this didn't get flagged for a leading question.

  12. My grandma. She passed away 12 years ago and I still miss her dearly.

  13. i think about my maternal grandmother pretty frequently these days too. she passed away when i was pretty young, and at that point i was pretty shy, kind of scared of the other people in her nursing home. i was quiet and kind of avoided going to visit her as a result. sometimes i wish i could talk to her now that i am who i am today.

  14. In 10th grade I had a bestfriend, she was really amazing and I wish I could've spent more time with her.

  15. Really cool work! I like the concept and really enjoy the way you rendered out the spacey patching on the right side. I think the main area that you could improve on is composition.

  16. your anatomy and proportions could use some work. face looks nice, but the head is out of whack with how thin the neck and shoulders are. i agree that greater contrast will also help, but as it is my eyes are distracted by her neck, honestly.

  17. i do think the door looks strange/too large, but it's not necessarily a perspective issue so much as it is an issue of the scene. what i mean is, mechanically the door's fine, but set up against the rest of the scene and particularly the character holding it open, it seems massive and heavy, especially for a door to a coffee shop. however i will say i specifically avoid doing background scenes like this, so i can't comment on it in terms of advice and such. other than that it looks great so far, and congrats on the breakthrough

  18. https://imgur.com/a/oLkW4Cx

  19. The edits helped a lot! Immediately when I looked at your pic in the original post, my reaction was that the dog looked great but the suit felt a little flat. Leagues of improvement just shading the red part even. The head of the dog is extremely pleasing to look at, I love the way you did the fur, and the visual contrast between its face, the stately suit, and the serious gray background really makes this piece whimsical and full of character. I can see why it was well-received - this is a seriously memorable pet portrait.

  20. At work do you have a mop sink with a hose? If so, before you leave, go back and spray the bottoms of your shoes out with that hose. Typically food service has a decent hose and sink for floor cleaning, and that's what I used when I worked at fast food places. I worked KFC and Jack in the Box so I had to deal with some heavy grease, and spraying my shoes down every few hours and right when I clocked out to go home helped keep them clean and effective.

  21. thanks for the tip! found the hose today and did this, for real a game changer, cut down a 45min routine into 45 seconds!

  22. people have already given good anatomy tips, but i just wanted to say i really enjoy the way you did the highlights in her hair. there's something very satisfying about it.

  23. more accurate, yes. but i think the stylization of the first is very interesting. the way you did the eyes and brows especially. i wouldn't say one is necessarily better than the other, just very different

  24. You eat when you're not on shift. Let's say you're working 11:00-4:00. You eat a good breakfast before shift and then you eat right when your shift ends using your 50% off meal. You just adjust to the times. Plus, you get free soup and bread so it's not uncommon to see people scarf down a bowl of soup and some bread at 10:55 before starting at 11:00 am shift, and that's not far from a normal lunch time. Add to that, it's not unusual that you get to snack on extra food that is being tested for quality (a daily thing for cheesecake factory) or that was made wrong. Cheesecake factory workers definitely don't have issues getting ENOUGH calories - quite the opposite! You have access to the largest supply of fresh ingredients in the casual dining world and the cooks can make just about anything you can dream up. All for cheap.

  25. Oh and thank you for the tip on the combo! That does sound good. Til now I haven't been using my 50% off, I just wanna dip after work, but that might be the move whenever I'm too hungry to make the commute back without.

  26. Oh dude, use the hell out of that 50%! That's the best part of working there - it really is the best kitchen in the business. Almost everything there is made fresh in house from raw ingredients. Unlike other restaurants where lots of stuff is brought in in big boxes and vats and then rewarmed. The food is delicious, fully customizable, and the portions are enormous. Many of us would order a meal, eat a third of it, and then take the remaining two thirds home for another 2 meals. That meant you're paying $10 for 3 big, delicious meals. And there's so much variety that in an entire year working there, you still couldn't try everything on the menu.

  27. oh wow, okay- i had no idea about this! working here is the most ive ever been to a cheesecake factory in my life, my family weren't big restaurant people when i was younger. but that sounds sick. could be a great way to solve having to cook full breakfasts in the mornings too.

  28. oh centering her was a great call. the composition feels so much more intuitive now. still think the angle of his left arm could use some work.

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