December 30, 2022 - Arrest Megathread

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  1. "I had that for lunch yesterday."

  2. Bull: "Hay! HAAAYYY!!! No, seriously, where's the hay?"

  3. Looks like the bass guitar strings are all the same gauge. Who the fuck would do that?? Totally ruins it.

  4. Follow the White Rabbit.

  5. Back in the old days before all you whippernappers came along, a high ankle sprain was basically a broken ankle. Rehab is way better now, but I really doubt he's going to be ready to go this upcoming weekend.

  6. I, for one, welcome our new Chad overlord.

  7. Pre-season apparently it stood for No Way Fortyniners Win.

  8. How do you calibrate it?

  9. Hello, fellow drummers! Do also too you like to making the music feast at the drum percussion with your beater sticks? Very!

  10. So, logically, Costco Vodka is made of wood.

  11. I'm not up on the reasons here, but this is an example of how the English defeated the French at The Battle of Agincourt. The French, like the police here, were wearing heavy armor and many had on plate boots. They sank into the mud which just sucked their feet in more as they struggled and created a suction on their footwear. This is demonstrated very clearly here where the police boots are not able to be pulled out of the mud. The English were more lightly armored and had cloth footwear, more like the Mud Wizard here. They didn't sink as much and the material of their footwear prevented the suction effect.

  12. I was raised in a geological depression.

  13. Am I the only not totally on the geno train? I think he's a little slow with reads and checkdowns. My preference would be to draft a quarterback.

  14. He’s just young and inexperienced. He’s got one full season under his belt. One more round of OTAs, training camp and pre-season and he’ll work out these rookie bad habits.

  15. 49er fans: “JIMMY G IS THE GOAT!”

  16. I was told there would be Beastquakes.

  17. Ok, we just need 24 points. That’s just 3 8-pointers.

  18. Which was on fourth down and sealed the game. I’m a bit shamed to say I punched a hole through my door after that play. I have an Alanis Morissette poster covering it. Hadn’t punched a football related hole in 8 years before I came out of retirement

  19. you’re disrespecting god herself, bro

  20. Oh, shit, I forgot about that. Alanis herself just came down, laughed, and booped me on the nose!

  21. How is hosre babby formed?

  22. What an entertaining coach we have. With Pete, we could track his sideline yards walked, gum chews, pieces of gum chewed, high fives given, hugs given, and huddle hype jumps.

  23. Damn! That was an adventure!

  24. Quickly, grab him while he's thrashing and place his head on a rock in the creek.

  25. It’s ok! The frog venom will heal him.

  26. McCarthy lost again and lost more votes.

  27. Why do these religious fanatics watch C-SPAN. Don't they got cult rituals and meetings to attend?

  28. God’s holding their feet to the fire.

  29. I'm gonna have so many abortions, and I'm a dude. Then I'm gonna do fentanyl and look up Hunter Biden penis pictures

  30. I’m going to be working late to advance the Gay Agenda, but I hope to take a break to spread Satanism around local schools, and take people’s guns, if there’s time.

  31. Nah, the straps are just holding the slabs together. He doesn't have the A-frame attached to the trailer, it most likely slid back.

  32. He was home for the holidays. You know his family had to ask about the murders since he was living close by. Wonder what he told them....

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