1. As another commenter said, the whole point of a competition is for someone to win. When you win at capitalism it’s because you control the market

  2. Cross your eyes and it’ll come back

  3. Don’t give other people your meds. It doesn’t matter if they don’t work for you anymore, it doesn’t matter if they’re expired, it doesn’t matter if you trust them. Someone taking medication is between them and their doctor to sort out. You don’t owe them anything. Not like this at least.

  4. Let's = let us. "No, let us [fight]" makes sense. Just sounds weird I guess?

  5. It doesn’t even sound weird. Of all the ways they could shit on these movies, they managed to pick a bad one

  6. Yeah, it is becoming home to fascists and bigots. But whose fault is that now, hmmmmm?

  7. The sex can’t be so good that you can put up with having your existence and life experience consistently invalidated and judged. Unless you have a very good reason for sticking it out, drop her. She doesn’t deserve you

  8. I like the use you found for that crossbow piece. xD Brilliant.

  9. Well it’s not like anyone is going to ever build them with Hurricane crossbows

  10. I mean, considering most post USSR socialist governments can only trade with less than 10 or so other countries, and that one of them is an island and still developed its own covid vaccine... communism still works quite well.

  11. These people still believe they’re half your country

  12. They always think they’re being so smug with this. “Oh, just because I told the bank I believe I’m a millionaire, doesn’t make me one.” Bitch, you don’t believe in shit. If you actually did, then we can have a discussion.

  13. Legalize drugs... apparently, it is pro crime to legalize harmless activities.

  14. Don’t you know that it is pro crime to legalize something, thereby making it no longer a crime? Kids these days don’t learn anything in schools

  15. I don’t think boomers did much of anything in school considering the copious amounts of lead poisoning.

  16. Lol I have no plans on building a Warhammer army, my dad got me these for Christmas and figured I can use them for DND which I plan on. Though I guess I may come to love mini painting so it might be worth it.

  17. Even if you build nothing else, if you want these to look good, you’re going to at the very least, buy a dirt cheap pair

  18. I would prefer avoiding violence, but it does seem like a bit of a fuck around and find out situation to be sure.

  19. It seems as though a lot of the arguments seem to ignore the fact that there are ways to neutralize a threat that don’t involve stone cold murdering them. We keep getting told about all the “non-lethal tactics and equipment” the police have yet they weren’t used.

  20. For the future, you can keep maximum context in your post by taking a screenshot of the larger convo and just covering over their names with the writing tool in your phone’s photo editor. There’s a lot of claims you’re making about what the person said that aren’t present in your screen shot. True or not, it’s best to include that stuff to give people as much context as possible. Use multiple images if you have to but this is messy and really muddies the waters of your post

  21. I mean they also teach you to shoot people in the academy so let’s not act like just because it’s taught, means it’s safe

  22. With thalasophobia, that's the whole game for me.

  23. Why would you subject yourself to that?

  24. Short pulse just to get it to stop moving, then charge up for a large pulse from close range. Then knive away. Once the stunbubble gets small, repeat.

  25. If I tried to fight a Ghost leviathan with nothing but a stasis rifle and a tiny knife, I’d shit my pants so hard it’d carve a hole clean through my chair. Those things scare me enough from a healthy length away while I’m protected by a big metal sub

  26. I’m in school studying music and composition. I love composing but it’s easy to forget that I do and so if I don’t manage my symptoms effectively, I’ll never sit down at that keyboard and given this is what I want to do for a living it’s pretty important that I do get myself in front of that keyboard.

  27. This motherfucker just said wages haven’t kept up in 23 years and then blamed Brandon for things being bad. Words literally have no meaning

  28. You never know, maybe someone will come along reading this and think “They didn’t!! I WILL NOT TOLERATE HARRY SLANDER!! IM GONNA GIVE THIS PUNK A PIECE OF MY- oh wait. It’s a joke. Whoopsies, my bad”

  29. That is some pretty bad design. There should be a giant year and edition stamped on the spine and front cover even if they are gonna use different art. A new player shouldn't have to do research to figure out what is the latest book for an army they want to start.

  30. At the very least, they’ve got the different coloured spine. It’s not much, but it’s at least something. Ideally I’d like to see them pay artists to do up new art for them

  31. Update: I've spoken to my brother, and he and I ordered one it will be here next week, I talked to my mom alone, and she admitted it. She apologized and told me about her doctors appointment she was defensive at first but when I told her about how I felt robbed and how she was taking something that helped me functioned she agreed not to do it again. Im still going through the safe, but we now at least have an understanding. If she tries again, I'm just going to move in with my brother after I get my license.

  32. Yeah, getting a lock box of some kind is the way to go. For university they actually recommend putting your pills in a lockbox just in case. Thankfully, I found a group of people I can trust to not ever take them (because I need to see my meds to actually take them) but you definitely have the right idea

  33. I reject the notion that something like Wellbutrin is a “fake ADHD drug.” For some people it’s exactly what they need. Not every medication affects everyone the same sims work better than others depending on who you are.

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