1. Is NFCU Navy Federal? They have been very competitive with loan pricing, as a broker my rates are nowhere near 5.25%.

  2. It is navy federal! They also offer no PMI with 5% down instead of 20%. My realtor said if my lease that I am in is up at the end of June I need to be under contract by end of April so that’s a second recommendation to have 60 days.

  3. I’m interested to know how they’re offering no PMI at 5% down, I’ll have to look into that.

  4. Let me know if you find anything off about it. But that’s what is on their website

  5. I’m assuming your lease requires 60 days notice? And therefore they’d have to give you 60 days as well?

  6. Yes, it is a 60 day notice but according to what my realtor said 60 days before my lease is up is when I would need to be under contract so I am trying to find out earlier than the 60 days. The last time I renewed my lease they were able to give me the rent increase more than 60 days ahead of time, so I don’t know why it’s so different now.

  7. I mean, timing it is always a gamble and you just do your best. “Need” to be under contract?? Is 60 day close a norm? It could be!! I’m just asking.

  8. That was his recommendation. He said 30 day close and then I don’t pay my mortgage that first month after. It’s a crap position to be in, considering we’ve been probably the easiest tenants. We never make maintenance requests, the house is cleans biweekly, the yard is landscaped biweekly and our rent is on auto pay

  9. FT is for trade. Just have the shiny happiny rn

  10. I had to get it when I was younger when I found out I was going to do a procedure without full anesthesia just local. Naturally I panicked. My mom opted into the nitrous option to calm me down as I’m easily stressed and panicked. That shit flipped my fear completely off and I was literally laughing (doc turned down the amount cause technically you’re not supposed to be laughing at the same time)

  11. A lot of it is based on time of year because of demand. June-August will generally have higher rates. Either aim for early to mid may or September for lower rates. Then it is based on length/ship. Wonder class ships will be higher than voyager class ships because they are bigger and newer. Freedom and Oasis class will be right in the middle with Freedom class being slightly cheaper. If you need to know what boats are in what class or want to know if anything is a good price, please out. I am a travel assistant (not agent), as well as a frequent RC cruiser.

  12. We found one that we liked Sept 2023 6 night western Caribbean and perfect day on mariner of the seas

  13. A chunk, don’t have the game open rn to give a list. I know I’d like to get some swimming/water shinies

  14. I’m open to almost any other shiny that I don’t have!

  15. I have a shiny chansey I just posted about trading, lmk what you have left

  16. I have a shiny chansey and clefairy I just posted about trading, lmk what you have left

  17. It may not be dry, it could be a fungal type infection like malassezia. I treated mine with nizoral shampoo. Mine presented as itching and dandruff and nothing worked until I got the legit medicated shampoo to kill it off.

  18. So maybe I should escalate it to a dermatologist

  19. Pokemon master trainer, what nostalgia. Love that game.

  20. We played today! I had never played before but it was a good time

  21. What box is that. And that's awesome you did that for him. What was your Xmas pull from him lol?

  22. It’s a board game, Pokemon master trainer 1999 - found a good condition one on FB Marketplace!

  23. You have a great eye. I've looked at tons of opal over the years. That piece is one of the nicest I've ever seen. Worth being worn as jewelry.

  24. This is from DivineJewelsCrystals on Instagram. She had those and small and large penises 🤣

  25. 🤣🤣🤣 it’s blue lace agate and it’s carved into a vagina

  26. Looks so neat, love your collection!

  27. Where is the the holder you have for your Opal from!

  28. I’d say car sales but they’re good at getting ppl stuck

  29. I could never have something this pretty...I wouldn't be able to stop myself from gazing at it.

  30. I definitely stare at it every morning in the sun

  31. I think meet the blood diamond of the opal world.

  32. Per the shop I purchased from, they are Ethiopian and lived in Ethiopia for over a decade and work with extended family there from the US.

  33. Can start to see some of it immediately so I think a couple minutes - haven’t had much sunlight the past week to test it out

  34. But on the items that say deductible does not apply all I pay is the copay for the visit correct?

  35. Yes that’s what we had and income did go up. But the insurance provider sent us a letter that they were no longer covering the area. So now looking at Ambetter of NC with says complete gold with vision and adult dented.

  36. Many of the providers listed on their site do not actually accept Ambetter. Good luck with the circus of untrained outsourced customer service. :/

  37. How is that even legal? Wouldn’t take be false advertising?

  38. My recent home purchase was with NFCU. I didn't have issues and could close earlier by one week with them.

  39. i didnt use them for my mortgage, but they are my credit union. Ive been a member of better credit unions but if i had a no pmi option i would take it. Im assuming your not in the military? Was no pmi for their non va loan? Just wanted to confirm since they seem to mostly assume youre military.

  40. Yes that’s under their conventional fixed rate loan option :)

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