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  1. Stop yelling. You child

  2. What is tax implications of gifting shares?

  3. On Computershare’s website, anything over $2,000 needs to be reported to IRS.

  4. So share gifts under 2k. Have no irs reporting?

  5. Easy solution. Take a break from school till you are 24. Focus on yourself.

  6. I did. Figured all future forgiveness will be offered to direct loan holders. And was worried that direct consolidation would be taken away.

  7. Take out a student loan like rest of us.

  8. Put all efforts into finding a job.

  9. Very happy with Great Lakes.

  10. Shares of gme are registered in my name.

  11. RC tweets. What chairman of a publicly traded company would blatantly troll his shareholders to this extent? He just wouldn’t. He wants the shareholders to stay invested and patient and to trust him. And if we find other info along the way that makes us even more bullish, then that’s cool too.

  12. Have you met popcorm ceo. Dude is a grifter.

  13. Can someone explain why I should buy these books? It's not supporting GameStop right?

  14. If you have kids and/or know someone that has kids.

  15. Just bought a bundle for my step bro for xmas expecting with 2yo already!

  16. Some colleges have free access

  17. I will buy somebody's 1st print edition for double what you paid.


  19. Awesome! Thank you! I hope it stays that way until Tuesday when I get paid!

  20. Inventory likely was increased once sold out.

  21. I’d lose 23 years of IDR payments if I consolidate, and my owed amount on my original 30k loan - which after paying for 3 years has GONE UP by 19k - would go up from 49k to 84k.

  22. In your situation. I would not risk the consolidated. And wait for more specifics on idr recalculation.

  23. At first I was sad it didnt spell APE, but your idea of why it says APP is maybe even better!

  24. I bought based on market tweet.

  25. That's a good question. Since OP is concerned about the financial impact of marriage for their particular sitaution, it's important to consider all of their options -- which include not getting married (or, at least, not getting married right now).

  26. REPAYE will count spousal income even if filing separately

  27. If not legally married. A person does not have a spouce.

  28. Following. My girlfriend got 2 pfizer jabs. I am looking for more info about the gravity of it all (and to find out if that poison could potentially affect me too, as we live together)

  29. Telling people to do something against the law is dumb.

  30. You do realize. Asking neighbors for permission is a thing. Right?

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