1. EE75 says:

    That’s what they went for new in 2017 so I would not think so

  2. Did you check if there is a recall on the trans or anything? There is a recall for my 21 that is a fairly similar issue that can happen. Check for recalls first.

  3. EE75 says:

    Have you had the recall work done? I take mine in on the 20th for the recall

  4. Thanks! It's an aftermarket coyote badge, had to flex the 5.0 a little bit

  5. EE75 says:

    Where can I get a coyote badge?

  6. At least on my F150 they installed a little chute under the oil filter to direct the draining oil. It doesn't just pour out onto the steering rack

  7. EE75 says:

    Mine still drained behind and didn’t come down the chute

  8. Decided after a few months of my 22 502a pb not being scheduled to try to find something in inventory. Took awhile and found this gem about 3 hours away. 501a , space White with just about the same option mix I have in order. Dealer gave me a fair price and a solid trade in this crazy truck environment. I’ve always wanted space White, but could not option it with the PB. I love it so far! 5.0..Gave me about 23.5mpg average driving 180 miles home. The sound and power is great. These trucks really are refined from the last time I’ve driven a half ton. If my ordered truck makes it in this year I’ll run the numbers and see if it makes sense to trade. My selling dealer manager said he would love to buy it back..they only had 3 trucks on the lot. The day I picked it up the f250 order bank was closing for the year. Crazy times still.

  9. EE75 says:

    I started following you on Instagram. I’m in Ohio and hopefully we get the chance to grow our own some time

  10. EE75 says:

    Nice! What strain?

  11. I feel they probably haven't figured out a solid way to capitalize from it yet.

  12. EE75 says:

    They are capitalizing in Ohio for sure

  13. EE75 says:

    I’m smoking watermelon cake right now

  14. Yeah you make a great point. I think it starts with our built environment. Our cities need to stop catering to huge cars and we need to build cities to human scale like most cities in Europe. Get rid of our urban highways, and parking lots/structures, and our wide roads with ridiculously high speed limits. Implement more efficient public transit, more housing density, less single family zoning sprawl, better protections for non-motorists.

  15. EE75 says:

    I sure would not want to live in a city that’s for sure

  16. EE75 says:

    I avoid it! They are trash

  17. EE75 says:

    I need to learn this donut out. I just smear a dab on the paper then roll the weed. How much rosin do you put in a joint?

  18. Big shout out to stage 3- they’re great. I ordered the fox 2.0 suspension from them and it completely transformed how my truck handled no nose dive, hugged corners. Drastic improvement

  19. EE75 says:

    With this fox 2.0 suspension did you keep the stock tires and height? Or is this something for lifted trucks?

  20. I chose to go with 305/65r18 tires, but the suspension didn’t give me much, if any lift. About a half an inch in the front and nothing in the rear (since the rear is just shocks in this kit). I would have been happy with stock wheels and tires with it

  21. EE75 says:

    Nice thanks. I’m gonna get some then

  22. EE75 says:

    I did my first at 2800 miles. I’m debating on 3k or 5k for the rest of changes. I’ll probably just do it every 3 months. So I’ll change it 4 times per year why not

  23. EE75 says:

    What do you pay for a oz? I’ve never used that device. I’ve used portable vapes and didn’t really get high

  24. No I was talking about trump. He’s the one who increased the national debt by 7 trillion despite starting in surplus

  25. EE75 says:

    Surplus are you serious

  26. EE75 says:

    Last surplus was 2001

  27. EE75 says:

    What does that bed cover cost?

  28. EE75 says:

    Mine has a pretty good ding in it also unfortunately. Sucks I can’t quit looking at it

  29. EE75 says:

    Nice! Send it to Ohio

  30. EE75 says:

    Paint protection film .

  31. Negative. Kinda wished I had. Mega rock chips everywhere and rail dust. Going to wait a few more weeks and then treat the rail dust. Not sure what to do about the rock chips (I have them on my tailgate -- dealer already "repaired" them once).

  32. EE75 says:

    I wish I would of done the front. No problems from the truck at 3500 miles. Just some rock chips in the front and windshield chipped.

  33. EE75 says:

    Looks great! What strains?

  34. EE75 says:

    What did the repair cost?

  35. EE75 says:

    It will start to stall out at red lights. My 2015 did this started at 80k miles. Vct solenoid I think is the problem. If you look on forums or google it seems common on that generation. Mine also didn’t throw any codes

  36. EE75 says:

    What does a gram of rosin cost in these states?

  37. EE75 says:

    I’m glad my ford don’t need a boost!

  38. Looks great! Send some to Ohio

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