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  1. I tried all of the fixes mentioned here, but none worked (Some gave me different errors though). I'm using Lutris to run the game and I'm using the EMPRESS repack and crack.

  2. The only way I got it to run without crashing was to add the .exe to steam as a non-steam game and run it with proton-experimental. I go into more detail about it in my full comment

  3. already fixed it by using LinuxRuleZ repack

  4. What happened? Is it only that specific Quora user, or are you barred from answering at all?

  5. Don’t worry, It’s all your ocd. If ocd tells you that you are someone you really don’t want to be, you aren’t that person, It’s lying to you.

  6. Polish teenagers using aave is, at least for me, extremely cringy. Especially since many of them know only certain phrases and sayings from tiktok, but are failing english. It's not about "learning and appreciating the dialect", it's just about repeating something they found funny.

  7. It's really hard for me to find new friends, I think I'll stay with them for now because of that.

  8. Then why so many black people tell me it is? /gen

  9. A higher resolution download would be useful for that

  10. This mostly depends on if you're using quick sync on windows, as performance will probably be horrible without it, depending on your recording resolution.

  11. It performs slightly better with window capture

  12. I don’t have money for a new pc right now, and it doesn’t seem to be the issue. It works fine on windows with the same setting, and also thanks.

  13. Thanks! My wallet will definitely not enjoy it lol.

  14. This is a epomaker akko 3068b right? What kinda switches did u get on em I just got this keyboard myself the black and pink variant too I got ttc princess on it just switched out the keycaps and it was sounding really nice pretty hefty board ! How're u liking it so far?

  15. It’s pretty good, only thing I don’t like with this keyboard is lack of support for any external application you can change macros with and etc. I used Gateron pro milky yellow

  16. I can relate to this. I can spend days researching if I’m a horrible person.

  17. I just said It’s not choice. Gender identity is not a choice.

  18. I’ve been trying to get estrogen for a long amount of time, if you mean physical changes. Everyone’s transition goals are different though.

  19. (INFJ is in capital letters and isfj in lowercase because sensor bad) /j

  20. Quite the opposite. I ghosted all of them.

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